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Would You Rather Be Rich … Or Right?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Alright, so we all have our pet beliefs about this, that, or the other.

We can get pretty entrenched and defend these beliefs – even in the face of ALL OF REALITY rising up against us and trying to show us most practically that we are making a big mistake here!

So here’s our 60 second exercise.

What do you “believe”, that if you changed your mind on it and accepted the evidence of reality, would really, REALLY help you get rich much, much quicker?

It doesn’t matter what it is or why you are “clinging” to that belief, and I’m not even asking you to change it in any way, I just want you to consider that question honestly.

“There’s a HUGE difference between “the truth” and what people believe.”

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Shirley Twofeathers said...

Ok, this was informative... way more so than I thought it would be when I first read it.

I find that I am currently operating a number of limiting belief systems. They are:

1. I couln't possibly do _______ (insert any one of a number of my hopes and dreams) because (pick one or more of the following)
(a) I am too old
(b) I am too fat
(c) People will laugh at me behind my back and think I'm ridiculous and stupid
(d) I am not "good" enough
(e) Nobody wants me
(f) I will be embarassed and humiliated
(g) Probably I'm wrong about the whole thing anyway
(h) I'd have to risk everything
(i) Probably I'd be a miserable failure and loose everything I really love

What a list!!

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