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For Truth in Each Moment

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Here is a Sufi Meditation for truth in each moment, using the mantra: Al-Haqq

Center again in the heart. Breathe the sound Ya into the heart, and breathe out the sound Haqq from the heart, downward, all the way to your feet. Allow a door to be open to the inner self. Then release any tension you feel. Relax and allow the full embodiment of the One's truth for this moment to be absorbed into you like rain into the fertile soil. Breathe rhythmically in and out. As you feel more force in the sound, keep releasing more. Let go. It is Allah's force, not your thought of yourself that does the work.

~Neil Douglas-Klotz


Karla said...

I realize that it's the intent with which you practice this exercise that matters, but I had a hard time with the word Haqq because it seems short. Yaaaaaaaa goes on forever and Haqq just ends. I guess you could do Haaaaaaaaqq but you know that "k" sound is coming and it's so abrupt. Silly observations.

shirley said...

I don't think it's a silly observation at all, Karla. For me, the Haqq was like the sound of the door opening - a little more each time. It's like the force of it pushed against my resistances... I had the thought of a sledge hammer hitting a wedge when I was doing it... I hadn't realized that the door to my innerself was so solidly closed until I did this one. Maybe your door is wide open already?

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