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The Lodge of Ideas

Friday, August 08, 2008


The idea is the first lodge. It can be called the place of initial desire. Here we ask, "What contribution can I make to my community, to my world? How can my desire serve the whole?

The first lodge works with the element of fire, with the ability to assimilate and choose, the ability to direct energy. It is in this lodge that we say, "This is what I want to accomplish during the next six months. This is my goal. These are my priorities." Goals need not be external. One can name "developing patience" as one's priority, or choose the goal of increasing one's income.

What is important here is clarity and direction. The quality of focus is what we seek, and this focus manifests as the ability to pinpoint your commitments in a given period of time. If the priority is thoroughly genuine, the energy will be there.

~Rick Jarow, The Lodge of Manifestation


Anonymous said...

Cool ideas!

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