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The Lodge of War

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Once you are at peace with yourself, then and only then are you ready to go to war. War, in his context, refers to the ability to mobilize energies, to discipline yourself, and to eliminate whatever is not carrying you toward your goal.

In terms of personal manifestation, you must be clear before you can mobilize energy. And how does one mobilize energy? Through the power of the warrior.

The warrior energy, or energy of mobilization, can be activated through dual movement. To activate the warrior you must bring in energy, resources, and allies to accumulate power, and you must eliminate whatever is obstructing the primacy of the priority in order to streamline and focus on your goal.

Receiving support from others is a natural outcome of alignment. When we are clear about our intent, others whose intentions consciously or unconsciously resonate with our own will appear. We need not even call them in; it is enough to be open.

In order to receive this kind of support, there has to be space for it. That is why one of the strongest means of mobilizing energy is to begin getting rid of what you no longer need. On the literal level, this means cleaning stuffed file cabinets and address books with dead people's names in them, throwing away your third-grade biology notes, getting rid of the clothes your mother bought you that you never wear... etc.

Streamline. Simplify. This is the way of the warrior. This is the way to invite more life to enter.

When your talk and actions are pared down to essentials, you will immediately find yourself taken more seriously. For you transmit the energy of the warrior: the one who is single pointed and willing to sacrifice for the mission. Until your priority is aligned in this way, it will remain weak: the book will remain half-written, the song unsung, the house just an idea on paper.

~Rick Jarow, The Lodge of Manifestation


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