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Hasten Slowly

Sunday, August 03, 2008

"We cannot invent ourselves with only the known parts of ourselves, but we can allow ourselves to be invented by the vastness of life.


To be invented is to simply be aligned, to live in trust, and to follow the law of concern. Where our concern is, that is where we are, and that is where our pleasure is. When we are aligned with our self-worth, when we live our bliss, we can feel the creative spirit of life leading us in a particular direction. Then we can take initiative, for true initiative is aligned action. By being connected with our feelings and their energies, we can begin to cultivate intention and its power.

I use the word cultivate deliberately here. It is not sufficient to engage in goal setting, for our original choices are often as much a product of our denial as of our alignment. We must be willing to nurture our goals, to see if they are indeed being nourished by our feelings, our dreams, and our life force. Nevertheless, we must choose on some level so that we can move into active participation with our possibilities. If you don't choose your fate you'll lose it, you'll risk becoming another passive "being of light" who is so light that you are again and again crushed by the world."

~Rick Jarrow


shirley said...

Slowliness... not something I'm good at. Hastening... not what's where I shine! Hasten slowly - wow - just the thought of it creates something new in me. I'm like... what the heck does that look like?

shirley said...

Oops! I posted a typo... I hate when I do that... I meant to say "Hastening... now that's where I shine!" ...

Maybe I don't shine when I hasten... maybe this is a little mini lesson in hastening slowly...

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