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The Lodge of Administration

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The next lodge is that of the administrative chiefs. This is where daily planning and strategies are taken into account. If we want to acknowledge our priorities, we must be willing to give them time. It usually takes a minimum of three hours a day to work a new idea or project into manifestation.


The day-to-day sculpting of life is the essence of this lodge. Our ideals need to be supported by our form of daily living.

The strategy for managing your time and energy is to have your priority, your goal so rightly and deeply ingrained in you that you can naturally work your day around its power, as opposed to working around other people's agendas. In this lodge, we make a craft out of life because we employ the discipline of the artist every day.

  • Are you scurrying around all day answering the phone?
  • Are you playing therapist to all of your friends and receiving no compensation for it?
  • Are you letting your husband or children set the entire agenda for your day?

It is your responsibility to manage your daily energy flow, to know what is important to you, to know when and how you want to spend your time and how you are going to administer your own day-to-day life.

Space is one of the important elements most lacking in our modern lives. I am speaking of something more than the need for a cushion and time to allow room for reflection. I am speaking of the quality of space that allows for new people and possibilities to enter our lives, of creating enough room for the creative flow to come in and dance with us.

Space is the fifth element, the complement to earth, air, fire, and water. Space is the container that allows creativity to unfold. Space gives birth to different dimensions and qualities of time. Space allows one to maintain an inward dimension, a sense of connectedness to the whole. If we do not develop a very real, palpable sense of space around ourselves, we got caught in the unreflective net of linear time. We run on the treadmill until our time runs out and we completely lose the moment of incarnation, the intersection of the timeless wih time, which is the possibility that authentic work offers us.

~Rick Jarow, The Lodge of Manifestation


shirley said...

This is so true! Especially for me. I'll get an idea maybe for a painting, or some art, and then run around doing everything ELSE first. I'm really good at that busy stuff. Hacking out time for something new... that's hard. Usually I just try to do it ALL! And in the doing of the ALL, the newest freshest tenderest of ideas generally get bowled over by all the busy work that I've cluttered my life with.

Interesting how this all fits together. If the decluttering from the Lodge of War is done, maybe this one here is easier to accomplish!

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