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The Lodge of Earth Community

Friday, August 15, 2008

The final stop on the wheel fittingly belongs to the earth community. What will be the ramifications of our actions for those around us, for the Earth, and for her future generations? What legacy will our vocation leave behind? Will our children's children and their children be proud of what we have done? Will the Earth herself appreciate our endeavors?

In this, the last lodge, we test our careers against what is truly needed, we make our work part of the work, and this automatically lends dignity to the seemingly smallest task.

As we begin to nurture our ideas and move into action, we will inevitably be presented with obstacles. At times we will be tempted to take them as signs that we are on the wrong path, but there is no wrong path. Every experience is a learning one, so there can be no failure! Whenever you did something that seems like a wrong move in retrospect, remember that you believed it to be the optimum thing to do at the time. Otherwise you would not have done it. The fact that you can now see it as a mistake indicates tht you have grown, that you have learned something. There is no point in retroactive judgment.

What we need to do is to act and adjust, to flow with circumstances and let them bend our actions, to constantly reprocess our intentions into greater alignment, and to use resulting feedback from the world to move into ever deeper levels of right will.

~Rick Jarow, The Lodge of Manifestation


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