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The Lodge of Guidance

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The next place on the wheel is the North, the world of the Gods. It is here that, after we have done everything we can - nurtured an idea, made peace with it, mobilized our energy, visualized, dreamed, felt, and planned - here we can do nothing more except give it up to the universe, to God, to our own sense of the Higher Power.


Here is where our plan moves into alignment with the universal plan, and so we are very conscious that it is not just ours alone. Here we actively ask for help from the gods, and in so doing we begin to align our will with the greater will. This can only work if we have made all the preparations. You can fail a math test and say it was God's will, but if you didn't study for it, you rigged the deck and you will never know whose will was stronger in this situation.

Asking for guidance may be the key to feeling that our work is genuine. Here is where we experience the inspiration and the exhilaration that tells us we are not alone in our endeavor. Here is where we actively enlist the higher forces. Instead of believing in them, we begin to work with them. This is also the place where little miracles start to occur because here we move beyond the egotism of I, me, and mine.

There is admittedly an element of risk here, but if we do not take this risk, we paint ourselves into our own little corner. To ask for guidance does not guarantee any particular result, but it does place our work in an entirely new context. We no longer carry the entire burden; rather, we begin to acknowledge that our life's work is, in fact, life working through us.

~Rick Jarow, The Lodge of Manifestation


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