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Moving Ideas Into Action

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

As your inner consensus moves into focus, it is possible to create a set of six-month priorities. Six months is not an arbitrary number. It is one full course of our earth's travel around the sun, from solstice to solstice or equinox to equinox, reflecting the contrast and balancing of darkness and light. Moreover, it seems to work as a strong cycle within which to gestate an idea and move it into action. Depending upon your own rhythm, however, you may want to alter this time frame, and that is fine.

What is important is to begin to frame your ideals and ideas into units of space and time. Writing them down begins the process of their incarnation.

The development of a soul-based career is an organic, step-by-step process; it does not come in a sudden flash. The process asks us to be realistically idealistic, that is, to find a focus and then to patiently allow the path to unfold. Our priorities will change over time. This is only natural, and knowing this can fuel current projects. We understand that they are not forever, and so for now we can give them all we have got to give, for they are aligned with the ongoing process of our coming into wholeness.

We are therefore neither identified with nor attached to our priorities. They have grown out of our lives and their energies will lead us, but we are not beholden unto them. our doing flows in and out of our being. Our being need not subordinate itself to our doing.

You can set several priorities to work toward in this six-month time frame, but do not set seventeen. In other words, do not set yourself up for failure. Know where the bulk of your energy needs to be focused. Understand that this is neither a goal nor a fixed decision, but a beginning, a galvanizing of your energy that will permit you to define and focus your career.

Ideally you would write your priorities on index cards and keep them in places where you will see them every day. Some people even color code these cards or write their priorities, not in words, but as symbols, and leave them in strategic locations throughout the house. In this way, you are continually feeding the message to your unconscious, which actually does the work.

This is crucial to understand: To the degree that your priorities are clear and aligned with your whole being, the job, the place, and the people will manifest like clockwork, because you have done the necessary inner work. No more effort is needed, and there is no effort more important than developing this clarity of vision.

~Rick Jarow


shirley said...

Ok... so I thought I was going to have some time to develop some working priorities... but it looks like the Master of the Universe has other ideas.

Apparently I'm on some fast track to somewhere because things in my life have begun to really move. I'm not going to go into detail yet - but I can definitely see a huge shift coming on.

Wow... who know that just by thinking about this, and being open to the possibilities presented this time around that so much could shift is such a short time...

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