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Prayer, does it work?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Does prayer work? The answer appears to be yes and no. As your feedback comes in I will post a more complete account of our results. To wrap things up in an "orderly" way, I will also post a "recommended reading" list, favorite prayer links, and favorite prayers and affirmations.

It is my intention to make this same project accessible to other people, should they want to try it for themselves, through a link here on the Prosperity Project blog, and also with a link and explanation on the Prayer Request Hot Line page.

As I work on the Prayer Request Hot Line, I will be using our comments about various prayer sites. So, if you would prefer that I not use your comments, or if you prefer that I change your name when posting a comment you may have made about a specific prayer line, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

How do we define belief or faith in prayer? I "feel" that it helps so much to pray especially writing them down as a release to the world.
When I think that I am overwhelmed with so many things, praying while walking with the sun coming up in the morning helps so much!

I would like for you all to pray for a woman who's husband committed suicide Friday night. She has a 2 year old and she helped me so much through some problems last year and is a good friend and emotional support.
It was such a shock to hear about it and then we realize sometimes how minor our own problems are compared to others.

Cindy H said...

It's hard to believe the month is over. In some ways it seems like it's been 6 months and in other ways it seems like it has just been a few weeks.

I can't say my goals have been met. I think right now I'm worse off financially than I was a month ago. That is very discouraging. And I have had so many things seem like "divine ideas" over the years that I have pursued and it seems like no matter what, they fail. And I can honestly say that not all of these failures were brought on by me!

And one of my goals was to get some things together and try to sell them but here it is the end of our month and I still have not gotten any of it done! It's not that hard - I need to get a cello and guitar cleaned up and taken to a music store, some jewelry cleaned and taken to the jewelry store, and some other jewelry cleaned and sold at work. But it seems like the few evenings that I have free where I could do these things, I am too tired to do them!

The thing that stands out for me as far as what I have learned is that I sure didn't know there were so many prayer lines out there available to people! I think that's great!

My favorite prosperity prayer/meditation is to picture myself on a beautiful sandy beach, feel the wind blowing my hair and hear the crashing waves and the birds crying out, and see that and know that each grain of sand can represent 1 dollar bill, and realize that all the money I ever need is right there, with me, running through my toes, and there will never be an end, this money is available to me at all times and there is enough for everyone!

The only thing I could say I might do differently is take the time to call or e-mail more of the other prayer lines. It's not that I didn't want to, it just seems like there is never enough time in each day to get everything done that I want to do.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, I will certainly pray for your friend and her child. And yes, I do think that praying while walking with the sun coming up in the morning would be a great way to start the day and could make for a powerful prayer experience.

How do we define belief or faith in prayer? Well, I think by the results that are produced - if it makes me feel better then I would say that it "works", if it changes my life in a fundamental way, then I would also say it "works", if I pray and nothing happens.. I don't feel better, my life doesn't change, well - then I would have to say that it isn't working .. at least not in an obvious way.. and maybe not at all.

Also, this first prosperity project experiment was not so much about prayer in and of itself, I think each one of us working the project believes in the power of prayer.. the "experiment" was about prayers for prosperity.. and how well does that work. So when we say whether or not prayer works.. I think we are mostly talking about if it worked for us to pray for money, prosperity, abundance, and material things.

Cindy: I think tonight will be great. I have yet to hear from Daniel or Melissa, but Michelle, Saskia, and I will be there for sure.

Cindy H said...

Hey Shirley - I just heard from Melissa - she is coming by my house and we are coming together. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have been absent, after a ladder broke and collapsed under me I was unable to comfortably sit and type. I can say that none of my prosperity goals were met. I certainly do not feel more prosperous in any way. In fact my finacial picture looks rather bleak right now. I did enjoy participating, at first, then it became a chore. I am also not sure if I really expected it to work, I think I hoped it would but am not terribly surprised that it did not. It has been thought provoking and frustrating. I apologize that this is not very long or very deep.

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