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It's a list!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today I wanted to put forth the beginnings of a comprehensive listing of places to call, write, or email for prayer. And I thought you guys might have fun exploring the links. I have tried to find a wide variety of belief systems, and would welcome any other links you might find, comments on experiences, thoughts, feelings, agreements or disagreements, etc.

Here is the first one:

The Franciscans Like St. Francis of Assisi we are first and foremost called to deepen our union with God in Christ. We seek to make God the most important reality of our lives. As Franciscans, from our life of prayer all else flows. Our Prayer is our greatest gift we can give to you, it is our most valued gift and treasure. It is through prayer & Eucharist that gives us life and nourishes us spiritually and physically in order that we may be good and faithful ministers to God's people. Prayer Request Page

So sorry to do this, but this project has been moved and can be found in its new home Praying For Prosperity at the new and improved Prosperity Project hosted at And can be found in its entirety here: It's a list!

Bright blessings. I hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

If this is a duplicate post, I am sorry.

I will be surfing some of these sites today, and I will add Shari to my requests for prayer. Since Saskia has had her phone disconnected, I am going to add her in as well.

I think I am going to begin praying more specifically. For specific things rather than just general prosperity. My first thing being enough money to get my car ready for winter, and the second thing would be for people to buy my art and be blessed by it.

As for Saskia, I am praying for a hot water heater for her, and enough extra money to get her phone turned back on.

Whatever it is that Melissa is doing seems to be working great! Way to go Melissa. Almost to your goal already. WOW.

Anonymous: I am glad you found your check book and your money. What a relief that was, huh?

Cindy H said...

Cool list, Shirley! I'll try to check in tomorrow evening and report on Shari. She will be spending the night and should go home Friday.

I am SO GLAD that anonymous found the cash and checkbook! How cool!

I love the new website's look and it seems easier to navigate. I think the praying for specific things is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, sorry I have been absent for awhile. Shirley has a pretty good idea of why. Anyways the new look is pretty cool. Totally professional looking. It does look like money will be coming from a very unexpected source to do some quite urgen roof repair. On the flip side my car that has been in the repair shop for six weeks was finally returned to me and is in worse shape than when it went in. A very interesting situation and I am not sure what to do about. I am trying to keep a half hour of prayer/meditation a day holding all those I know of in thought. Trying to really understand what it means to Let Go and Let God.

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