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Wealthy Week continues

Monday, November 27, 2006

This is the second day of "Wealthy Week", so tonight burn a white candle in the same way you did yesterday, adding to the heap of coins, any more you might have accumulated throughout the day. Watching the candle flame, say...

... I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved. I have a new website,, and The Prosperity Project is currently in the process of moving in over there. Here's a link to this particular post: Wealthy Week – day 2


shirley said...

Ok, so here is what I did with the "spindle spell": I decided to use three dollar bills for the base of it. I am thinking of them as "offerings" to "Fortuna" Goddess of luck. And from now on, I am going to spindle my pay check stubs, and notes of any money I receive. When my spindle is full, I will do some sort of gratitude "ritual".

The other spell, the "wealthy week" spell was interesting. I didn't have a gold candle but I had a lot of white ones.. I got them at goodwill.. they are medium size..

I spray painted the candle gold, and then lit it and let it burn down.. It took almost all night to burn all the way down.. so tonight I will start the whole thing way earlier.. and when I go and get the colored candles for the rest of the week I will be careful smaller ones.

Also, I have this wonderful dish I got (also at goodwill) It is like a shallow bowl, and I put the candle in there, and piled the loose change around it. That way I don't have to gather anything up. I can just leave it all in the bowl for the whole week. Adding to it if I can.. pulling coins out if I need to..

It was really cool seeing the candle light reflecting on my money.. and I thought to myself.. how could this NOT work.. it looks so pretty that it MUST be bringing in lots of good money energy

shirley said...

And by the way.. Cindy - that's really cool about the Sacajaweha (I don't know how to spell it either) dollars.. I wonder how a person would find out if they are worth a lot of money.. Wouldn't that be awesome? Maybe you could do an online search about coin collecting.. see if you could find out that way.

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