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Morning Coffee

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

She drank her morning coffee, and wondered why she was so
(from the Middle of the Night Art Series by Shirley Gibson)

So sorry to do this, but this project has been moved and can be found in its new home Praying For Prosperity at the new and improved Prosperity Project hosted at  

Bright blessings. I hope to see you there!


Cindy H said...

LOL! Today's post was interesting! I am getting the strange feeling that perhaps Shirley is tired today? (I feel your pain!) I don't drink coffee, but I am wondering why I'm so darn tired!

I haven't found the check yet but really haven't done any real searching again yet. Michelle, thanks for the tip - I will DEFINITELY look in some pants pockets in the laundry under towels tonight! Anything is possible! I'll let you know if I find it!

Speaking of the pay it forward idea, have you guys seen the "pay it forward" bracelets? It's a bunch of silver bracelets - like about 6 or 8 of them, I think - and each one has a different charm on it - like a Buddha, a Chinese symbol, etc. - and you wear them and then you hand some of them out to other people as a "pay it forward" gesture. I think it's really neat and I am going to buy it when I have the funds. I've seen it a couple places online and in catalogs and runs about $20 to 25 I think. The only thing is they are so cute it might be hard giving them away! If anyone wants to see a picture of them, I can send you a link.

So I am off to visit prayer sites while working! Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy.. well I wouldn't be nearly so tired if I wasn't dragging around all that excess baggage.. LOL..

I like the idea of the bracelets.. and I think that when we get ready to do that project, we could figure out how to incorporate something like that into it.. but without it costing quite so much.

On the other hand, silver bracelets seem to run hand in hand with Gypsy Magic, so maybe it will be something just for you to do or try.. if you don't want to wait for the pay it forward project to start.

I was thinking that maybe mid december would be a good time to start the pay it forward project - what with christmas and all. On the other hand, that might be a bad time to start something like that - what with christmas and WINTER and all..

I am really looking forward to doing some Gypsy Magic. And I think it is just too cool that a lot of Gypsy Magic (and magic in general) "says" that the new moon is the best time to do prosperity stuff.. and our start date just happens to fall on the new moon.. so I think it is "Spirit" working and that Magic will be one more tool in our prosperity tool box.

My prosperity is coming along. I like Michelle's Reiki prayer process and am doing that for a couple of days because it just feels good.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just wanted to let you guys know that since I don't have phone service, and no internet, I have been unable to call for prayer or go online and ask for it. So I went out on my front porch the other night and had a long and serious talk with God. And the next morning my mom told me that my grandparents were going to give me a hot water heater for christmas. And that I was going to get it early.. now all we have to do is find someone who can help us install it.

I am not really writing this. I asked my mom to post for me. But I wanted you guys to know that I am still working the project and have gotten one of the really big things I was praying for. I miss logging in every day and seeing what you all are up to, and I hope that I will be able to get my phone turned back on soon.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Well I still don't have anything up on the prayer request hotline blog yet.. the only stuff that's there is gobbldygook that I made up when I set up the blog.. I hope to get a bunch of stuff up tomorrow. So if you guys have gone there to look for prayer links.. well I'm sorry.. I got a little ahead of myself there.. bit off a little bit more than I could chew.. imagine that!!!

Anonymous said...

Prosperity is on our way! Mckaskill won and so did Pelosi!
Way to go Ladies!

Anonymous said...

i am finding the reiki prayer is the only thing besides eating that i like to do every day. now i am praying to lose weight.

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