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Talking to God

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I was surfing the links yesterday, and I found this little poem. I thought, "Wow, I do this all the time even when I know better." So, here it is.

The man whispered, "God speak to me." And a meadowlark sang, but the man did not hear....
 So sorry to do this, but this project has been moved and can be found in its new home Praying For Prosperity at the new and improved Prosperity Project hosted at And can be found in its entirety here: Talking To God

Bright blessings. I hope to see you there!

This beautiful photo is by Don Paulson, I found it at Webshots.


Anonymous said...

I have been surfing the prayer request links, and leaving prayer requests at each one. My plan is to go through the entire list. As I go thru them I will be keeping track of my experience at their sites, and copying their "mission statements" so that the 'prayer list' will be more defined and thus more useful.

I also plan to go outside today and see what God has to say to me.

Daniel: it's nice to see you posting again. Cindy: let us know how Shari is doing. Everyone else: Hi and I love you.

Anonymous said...

On Oprah the other day, she gave everyone in the audience a check for a thousand dollars to spend on someone other than themselves. The idea being to do something really nice for someone else. I was telling my mom that it would be really nice if someone in our neighborhood would have been there and give us enough money for a hot water heater. And then I heard on the news that 2 people from Blue Springs had been on the show and were asking people for ideas as to how to spend the money. So.. hey guys.. go to the channel 9 website it's (I think).. and nominate me for a hot water heater.. it has to be an electric one - not gas or propane. thanks guys. so far the phone is still on I don't know why.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I am working on setting up a web page just specifically for prayer request hotlines and websites. So, if you do check out any of yesterday's links, let me know how it went, I think it would be a really good resource for people. I have spent a lot of time looking for prayer lines, and there does not seem to be a definitive list anywhere. So.. when I get the page done and up, I will let you know. Thanks for the positive feedback about the new look.

Anonymous said...

Okay so after a lot of silence from me today I have a lot to say. This morning I again felt compelled to call the Science and Mind prayer line and then I called the prayer line at Silent Unity. Again such a difference. I have been reading a book of lectures that were given by Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science and Mind so I had a little better idea of their thinking/philosophy which made only a tiny bit of difference. The thing that struck me the most was the person at Sceince & Mind spoke with conviction, spoke clearly, as in it did not feel like a philosophical puzzle I had to unravel before I could know/understand the prayer. She spoke with conviction that what she was saying/declaring was the truth, the only truth, now and always. Silent Unity does not speak like that. Also I like their format better, along with the fact that I don't feel hurried and that she was really trying to understand my need and then address it for ME, not for any general person.
Also there are a couple of thoughts from this book I would like to share because they really spoke to me on our little project. "....suppose you are demonstrating prosperity; you must do more than declare you are prosperous. You must know that no human law, no human thought, which is always seeking manifestation, can operate against your treatment. It knows itself to be the fulfillment of everything concerning you, and you will then surround yourself with a wall and protection of positive thought that nothing can operate against. Otherwise your word, unless it goes forth with power, speaking in a human way, would get tangled up in the false words. It must know itself. You must realize that, then you know it. You must know that your word is more than anything else. Otherwise your word will not amount to anything. The highest thought and the highest word are good through the omnipresence of God.
2)"I must not only say, " I am not poor" because it sounds nice to say it, but then there must be that within me spiritually that knows I am not: there must be a deep conviction within that knows all the truch of that which I say. Perhaps a million times I will have to do that over and over until I get over that false habit of thought. Whatever hinders your progress is nothing but thought force working; and when you learn how to destroy it and get rid of it and know the truth, it will depart. Stop looking at the world the world as a conditioned thing governed by matter, matter, matter. Let matter alone. It is all right in itself."
These made me think of the vibrations we were discussing earlier in the project, negative and positive. Mr. Holmes speaks often of stating the truth, believing it(positive vibrations) and not letting false truths(negative vibrations) interfere with the TRUTH. We all know this is easier said then done but I think because of earlier posts that we all seem to believe this on a certain level. Anyways I am sorry I was so long winded. I just felt compelled to share.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel.. WOW!
I just got done leaving prayer requests at 7 or 8 different prayer sites.. yowsers! .. what an interesting journey this is. By the time I get through with my list, I will be a household name.. LOL

So.. your post reminded me of something that Yogananda said in the book "Autobiography of a Yogi"
He said that if you want to manifest what you SAY, then you must always speak the truth. If what you say is sometimes the truth and sometimes a lie, then the universe will not believe you when you speak forth your intentions.

So.. what you said about knowing that NOTHING can operate against your declaration of truth.. very interesting. Add to that ONLY speaking the truth, and I think something really powerful and life changing could come from it.

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