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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I am thankful
that today I am free to



Anonymous said...

Today I am thankful (really really thankful) that I am free to:

1. come and go as I please
2. play on the computer all day
3. watch movies
4. take a nap ... or two
5. be indolent in my hammock
6. enjoy a nonproductive day
7. be me
8. say whatever I want whenever I want to whomever I want
9. run through my field, screaming, naked, and no one would see me or even know that I did that... now that's freedom!

Yowsers! What a great day today is!

Anonymous said...

Free to be me, to learn and grow, to experience life in my own way at my own pace. Free to chose my friends and family. Free to make my own choices. Free to complain or to praise which ever seems most appropriate. Free to express who I am at this moment with the freedom to edit that at any given moment.

Cindy H said...

Free to worship the way I choose!!

Free to speak my opinions!

All without fear of government reprisal.

Cindy H said...

I am also thankful that I was born in this great country! Even though I despise most the current US government officials, I appreciate the fact that I live in this great country and that I have the bill of rights and the consitution both in place to protect my freedoms. I sometimes forget about the atrocities in other countries that still occurs. I am thankful that I wasn't born in a country where you have no rights or you are oppressed because you are a female or you want to worship in a different manner than is allowed. That would suck. So I am very grateful that I have had the privelege of being born in this country. God(s) (and Goddesses) bless America!!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that I am free to work, or not work, or take a sabbatical, or begin a new career as I choose. I am thankful that I am free to choose my own life partner, rather than having to endure an "arranged marriage". I am thankful that I am free to spend my money how I choose - if I want to boycott a business or to support a business, it's my right.

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