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Life is good

Sunday, July 22, 2007

And so,
Life is good because?


Anonymous said...

As long as there is life there is possiblities

Cindy H said...

Life is good because I'm loving and loved.

Anonymous said...

life is good because I have four healthy children, save the Ehler's Danlos....but for the most part they are happy, compassionate, loving and sweet. and pretty healthy. i feel lucky that they are, and thank God every day that they are safe and well.

Anonymous said...

Life is good because although Kurt was rear-ended by a Mack truck, there was no actual damage to our car or to Kurt (thank God!) and we got a check for almost $500 from their insurance company. I love it when everyone is safe and sound, and when we get money in the mail!

Anonymous said...

I just had a 'prosperous' thing occur twice in two days. Since it is probably related to the awesome group energy of this prokect, i thought I would share it with you. life is good because.....yesterday i found $10.00. And today I found $5.00. I love a universe where money can just appear. And because of where i found it, there is no way to know where it came from originally. My gratitiude today lies with the Creator, for all these little things that really are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Life is good cuz I just fell in love and met someone special on the new moon! Thanks for burning the old gray socks!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Life is good because I have been able to turn my computer off for ONE WHOLE DAY and NOT be on the internet for TWO WHOLE DAYS and I did not come apart into a million little pieces nor did the world come to an end!

I am so glad that Kurt is OK! And the car is OK! And you have money!

How lucky is that???

Anonymous said...

And my life is good because ... really... truth be told... I do have it pretty good.

My children are healthy, my grand children are happy and healthy, my little dog is healthy, my bills this month are paid, my car is running good, I have money in the bank, and my "day job" is only 3 days out of the week unless I WANT it to be more...

I have running water, shoes, and beer in the refrigerator.

Does it get better than this?

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