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Thank you to everything

Monday, July 02, 2007

The other day I did an interesting thing that had a profound effect on my day. I thought I would share it here so you guys could try it. This is what I did, I said "thank you" to everything.

I said "thank you" to my feet for walking, to my shoes for fitting, to the door for opening, to the toilet for flushing, for the toaster for toasting, to the butter for spreading.... When someone said "hello" to me, I said "thank you for saying hello to me"... It was a lot of fun. I think we should try it today.

So here's our project question: how many times in one day can you say "thank you"? And what was the end result?


Cindy H said...

Thank you for this lovely idea! I will try to count how many thank yous I can say today.

Anonymous said...

Well, I sucked at this one yesterday. I managed to remember it for about 10 minutes... and then sporadically throughout the day I remembered to say "thank you" once or twice.

What I did notice, is that when I was doing it, I felt a whole lot better about everything... particularly what ever it was that I was saying thank you to.

Anonymous said...

I love to say thank you when someone helps you without always expecting to get paid like most angry scowling bartenders on power trips. ;)

Anonymous said...

I already kind of do this...whenever I get a parking spot, I say "Thank you God" and whenever I get something I need, I thank God. Whenever I find something that was lost, I give thanks. Whenever it's a pretty day, I give thanks. When it's jeans Friday at work, I give thanks! I give thanks when I find a new tomato growing in my garden.

I didn't do it to the extent of the exercise, but I don't feel bad because I already give thanks all the time. :)

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