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Gratitude, how did we do?

Friday, July 27, 2007

I have tabulated our results, and here are our "stats" on Gratitude:

More money? Only one person could say yes here. So, no, if money = prosperity, then we can say for sure that practicing gratitude for 30 days does not necessarily bring prosperity.

More peace, joy, happiness? Every one of us said "yes" here. I think we can say absolutely that the practice of gratitude really does generate feelings of happiness and peace.

Recommend to others? Again, "yes," most of us would recommend this practice to others. We enjoyed it that much.

Will we continue to use gratitude? The answer here too is a unanimous "yes", we all do plan to continue to use gratitude as a daily practice.

Our favorite parts of the project? We all enjoyed the interactivity of the posts, and the various questions. Shirley especially enjoyed the "being grateful for what is NOT happening", she and Michelle are currently planning two gratitude journals; one will have a variety of questions - much like our 30 day project, and the other will be a quirky funny journal about being happy for the ridiculous and outrageous things that we can be grateful are NOT happening to us.


Cindy H said...

I am grateful for you, this project, and all of your blogs! Thanks!

Yadhu said...

I just found your site and I was very happy with all those possibilities how to communicate with the universe.Gratitude,real felt gratitude makes you appreciate
WHAT IS.I offered two prayers found on your site-a few days of dedicating time and the little efford sitting down in the morning to offer them as a gift-and my dentist bill of 1000 euro was cut in half,I only have to pay half of it.And this inspires me again to get my act together,my life organized-I do my job and the universe does the rest.

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