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Monday, July 16, 2007

Today I am rich in ______________.


Anonymous said...

Today I am rich in:

dog hair - mega rich in dog hair actually - I think I'm a gagillionaire when it comes to dog hair

If only I could figure out how to use dog hair to pay my bills... wouldn't that be cool? I'd never have to worry about my bills ever again!

Cindy H said...

When I was playing catch up just now, I wrote "dog and cat fur" for Saturday's "seems like I always have more than enough of" question and Shirley, I hadn't read your answer from today yet! LOL! I am rich in peace, even though I have no idea why. I have lots of bills piling up, I'm about to lose my insurance or have to go on Cobra, and I don't have enough money to keep things going, nor a plan on what to do about it. But today I am very peaceful anyway!

Robin said...

Shirley. Hi there. Thanks for the welcome to the blog. Actually, there is a woman I know who does make a living with dog hair! Today I am rich in creativity!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin, it is nice to see you here!

You know a woman who makes a living with dog hair? How does she do that? I am seriously innundated here...

I had a friend once who made some yarn out of hair from my Great Pyrenees, and then knitted a scarf from it. I love that scarf!

Today I am rich in ideas.

Anonymous said...

Today I am rich in beautiful blue skies outside my window here at work.

And I am rich because on my way to work this morning, I asked God to give me a really good parking space out front, and I got it!

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