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No matter what

Friday, July 06, 2007

No matter what, I can always enjoy __________.


Anonymous said...

No matter what, I can always enjoy aggravating my children!

I can absolutely know this is true... no matter what my health, economic situation, or my age... this is always possible. And the thought of it gives me pleasure, and makes me smile. I have no idea why!

Anonymous said...

No matter what I can always enjoy a good book, a good laugh, a good meal shared with friends, a sunset, a sunrise, a bird taking off through the branches, the magnificent blue of the sky and on and on and on

Cindy H said...

No matter what, I can always enjoy loving on my cats and dogs! Or eating something yummy! Or having a long talk with a good friend!

Anonymous said...

No matter what, we can always enjoy how beautiful this earth is and we have such a short time to see as much of it as we can!

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