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How do Angels Communicate with Us?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Angels help mostly by by communicating directly if you are able to receive or indirectly with omens (i.e. a book they feel you should read may fall off a shelf in your path for example). Out of nowhere, you may suddenly have a desire to contact someone or go somewhere.

They can also send information in dreams and as compressed energy that unfolds over time—you’ll have a knowing but won’t be able to verbalize it or explain it for a while as the pieces of the puzzle come together. They can also send you very high-level healing energies and healing. If you are able to feel subtle energies you may feel this as warmth or tingling pulses of energy moving through your body.

After asking your angel for assistance, watch for repetition of words you see, hear or think. Notice patterns like repeatedly hearing a song, seeing a bumper sticker or having a friend unknowingly repeat the very same message your angel gave you. Keep asking until you feel you completely understand the answer.

~source: Angel Focus


Cindy H said...

I had my angels guide me to log onto a few weeks ago - I hadn't gone to that website in several years. I saw I had something in my inbox and it was from an old friend from years ago. I managed to track her down through the information she left in the e-mail and now we are friends again after 36 years! And the neat thing is that she wrote the e-mail over 2 years ago and then had forgotten about it and she was getting ready to move to another state, so if I hadn't tried to find her before she moved in a few weeks, I probably wouldn't have been able to find her at all.

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