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Our Angel Experiences

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Before I began this project, I put out an invitation to share experiences and this lovely story came to me via email.

My personal experience with an angel goes like this.

I was going through a crisis a few years ago, and I was very stressed about a lot of things in my life. I didn't know what to do.

One day I went out to my backyard to try and de-stress. As I was walking I suddenly felt these huge warm wings fold themselves around me. It was like someone came up behind me but I could not see them.

When I was full cocooned in these wings which covered my whole body,I felt this amazing peace, total peace like I had never experienced.Then what I would say was an angel, talked to me by feelings. She told me that she was there to help me through the next big challenge of my life, and that I would sail through them easily.

What happened to me was indeed one of my biggest tests, but I did sail through it easily. I was given the right help and I haven't looked back since. I now know that we are not alone, and when things are really bad in our lives our Guardian angels are trying to comfort us through anyway they can. By sending people to us or something beautiful happening that lightens our load. Suffering can either make us bitter or it can deepen us.

Angels will always help us when we ask them, they don't like to interfere with our lives, but if we need their comfort and support, they will send someone to us or gives us a feeling of strength to help us cope. We just have to ask.

warm regards
Sony Crystal

So how about it guys? Does anyone else have a story to share? I'm really hoping we can get some good input here, because it really does help to hear real stories from real people. I know that many of us have "Angel Stories" - let's share them! Talking about angels tends to bring them out... I don't know if that's because angels like to be talked about. What I do know is that what we put our attention on grows, so let's put our attention on actual Angel experiences and get some good Angel Energy flowing.


Cindy H said...

A couple of years ago I was driving to work and was at the interesection of 71 Highway and 63rd street. As I was turning onto 71 Highway from 63rd street a car ran a red light and I was 100% certain that we were going to collide. It was going to be a pretty bad wreck - maybe not enough to kill me but it would have definitely injured the other driver and me quite severely. Just as the collision was about to happen, all of the sudden things seemed to go on slow motion.

You know how physics says something about how two objects can't occupy the same space at the same time? Well, my angels somehow made my car no longer be solid and it felt like the whole car was floating in space, not touching the ground. As my car seemed to pass THROUGH the other car, the driver and I made eye contact. He looked as surprised and bewildered as I'm sure I did as our cars literally passed through each other without colliding! I then got on the highway and he went his way and I went mine. I was 100% totally SURE that angels kept me from having this collision. There is just no way that we "missed" each other! And I was sure to thank my angels for sparing me the pain and misery of a terrible car accident!

Two Feathers said...

Wow... that's a really cool experience, Cindy.

Years ago, I was at a meditation course, and I saw an angel standing in the bathroom. He was huge - and I knew immediately that he was the guardian angel of the person I was rooming with.

I know it sounds kind of crazy - but at the time I was pretty impressed with myself.

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