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Listening to Spirit

Monday, September 29, 2008

Go outside, look around, the earth itself wants to speak with you.
~Judith Pintar

sky angel

Here is a little bit of a different view of the subject of communication with your guardian spirits. It's from A Voice From The Earth by Judith Pintar.

Listening to Spirit

Learning to listen means distinguishing real Vision from your own dream voices of fear and memory and desire. Even when you get beyond your fears, sometimes your expectations will get in the way. Somehow you expect your Vision to be spelled in lightning across the sky. But while you watch the sky, you may miss the tiny drama of butterfly upon leaf happening at your feet

The Vision itself can come in many forms, through a clear visual impression or visitation of spirit, physical contact and communication from an animal, a song or a dream.

Very often in completely unexpected fashion, out of the darkness will come an awareness of a Guardian Spirit, a force or energy that provides a clear channel for greater wisdom. Many cultures have believed that such guardians, like saints or angels, protect and guide us even when we are unaware of them. Conscious acknowledgement of a Guardian Spirit offers the possibility of communication and a ready source of strength and counsel.

Awareness of the guardian could come when you see a hawk fly and are uplifted by a sense of strength and freedom, when an oak tree drops its leaves at your feet, when the Northern lights dance overhead, when you hear words whispered by the wind. Or a guardian might communicate itself as an intellectual concept, a particular energy that is understood to be a source of strength and direction, such as innocence or bravery, or love.


dawnofarabia said...

Hey Shirley, I just wanted to say that my guardian angels must surely be watchin over me. We are in the middle of adopting a baby girl! Can you please tell gaybookworm, as I have been unable to reach him for several weeks now! I'm sure he'll want to know! Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes1

Two Feathers said...

Congratulations Dawn... that's awesome. The Gay Bookworm seems to be having telephone and internet issues recently, and I will tell him as soon as I hear from him - or manage to get a hold of him. Hopefully that will be as soon as tomorrow.

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