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What if you don't feel a connection?

Friday, September 19, 2008

I am not entirely sure that I agree with this one because on some of my worst days (when my house is a mess, I'm living on junk, drama and negativity abounds) I have had the best experiences with Angels. Personally, I think the bit on unrealistic expectations is the most helpful - and possibly the only one that's true.

I did find this same information on a number of web sites, and I decided to post it in hopes that we can get a dialogue going on the subject. So... what do you think?

Angels vibrate at a very high level and it may take a while to attune yourself to this high vibration. Be patient! The most common blocks to getting angelic guidance are:

  • Diet—(meat, caffeine, shellfish, most junk food, prepackaged foods that contain chemical additives and preservatives and chocolate are all low vibration foods that can block divine guidance)

  • Drugs—(even over the counter products) and alcohol can cloud clarity.

  • Drama—Whether the chaos is yours or originates from others in your life, it can make you distracted and agitated which adds to the difficulty of connecting with angels. Ask your angels to clear away all negativity and fear and fill you with the energies of peace and love.

  • Disorganization—Angels are attracted to clean, organized, quiet atmospheres. Provide a welcoming atmosphere to appeal to angels.

  • Negative People—Make changes where you can in your own life and try to avoid negative people. If you can't because of your circumstances, it may take you longer to connect but keep trying, eventually you'll be able to tune into the higher vibrations.

  • Inexperience—If you haven’t done a lot of spiritual work or find it hard to relax and quiet your mind, be patient and realistic with your expectations. Try to increase your awareness of angels by heightening your all your senses and meditating regularly only a few minutes at a time.

  • Unrealistic Expectations—If you're expecting a talking hologram to appear and talk to you for an extended amount of time, it's not going to happen. Especially at first, the contact may be brief and more of a feeling than visual or audio. If you are lonely, you need human contact! Get out and join clubs or groups with interests like yours. Life is meant to be lived—get out there!

It can take days, weeks even months to receive an answer you fully understand. And sometimes, the answer comes through an event or moment of sudden insight. It may come to you unexpectedly during a casual phone call from a friend, something you read in a book, newspaper or magazine, from a conversation between strangers you inadvertently overheard. The main thing is to be aware and open.

Patience will allow you to persevere, even if you do not get results right away. Patience will help you build faith in your Angels, trusting that at the right time they will come through. Faith endears you to your unseen supporters, as well as creating the space for miracles, which is where they gather and thrive. Miracles do not have to be earth shattering. Miracles can be tiny happenings in your daily life that make you feel good or that make you laugh or even cry from happiness.


Karla said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Shirley! I would never have an Angel anywhere near me! I eat everything described in the first one. I've been going through a phase of drinking like a fish for some reason. There is nothing but chaos around here most of the time, although we've been doing better with the drama.
I shouldn't laugh because the person who wrote this is trying to help people find a connection. The thing that bothers me is that it sounds like it's limiting angels to people who can accomplish these things. I'm actually giving a lecture at the Psychic Fair in Monterey in two weeks about this very same thing! Since I have been channeling, the most important lesson I have learned is that guides and angels are with us REGARDLESS of who we are and what we do. DESPITE our messy lives! Whether we are skeptical, non-religious, meat-eating, chain smoking, wine loving slobs or a guru on a mountaintop. It makes no difference. All we need to do is acknowledge and ask for assistance.
I just attended a lecture on "Paranormal Experience at the End of Life" by Dr. Kathleen Rusnick, a Lutheran minister. It was put on by the Hospice Foundation and the focus of the first part of the talk was on the experience the dying have of spirits/guides coming to bring them Home. I found it amazing that in all her years of Hospice work, nearly 100% of those leaving were met by a guide to help them leave. This happened across all religions, to those who had no belief and to those who flatly refused to go or even think about dying. The dying saw them, they spoke with them, understood why they were there. Very powerful!

Cindy H said...

I agree with Karla 100%!!!! I would never be able to connect with angels either, based on that criteria. And I agree that while the author was trying to help people to connect, the truth is that the angels and guides are always there for us no matter how messed up we are and all we have to do is ACKNOWLEDGE AND ASK FOR ASSISTANCE!

That's the one thing that I have found most crucial to connecting is asking them for help. You don't even have to believe, just ask them anyway and they will prove their existence and they don't care if your house is a mess or you just pigged out on chunky monkey!

So anybody out there who is new to this angel-connecting, just be willing to ask for assistance and open-minded about the signs when they come!

shirley said...

I think it's stuff like this that discourages people. It's like saying "you're not good enough to see angels" or "if you aren't getting the results you want it's because you aren't doing the right things."

When I just accept that they are there for me - when I realize that I don't have to live up to any idealized "higher vibration" mumbo jumbo - when I know that I am wonderful and fine with all my faults and flaws - that's when I have my best experiences with stuff like this.

Besides, if you could only access angels when you were on your best behavior - how important and needed would they be? It's when you're at your worst that you need them the most!!

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