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Appreciate The Skin You're In

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

big butt

When we are healthy, we tend to take our bodies for granted, and don't really do much to show our appreciation for how good it feels to feel good. Alternatively, when the body is suffering or not functioning properly, it can be even more difficult to appreciate what we do have.

So, today, lets take a look at our physical selves and find at least 5 things that we appreciate and love about our bodies.

Need some examples?

  1. I love that my fingers (toes, knees, ears, etc) can ...
  2. I have an excellent sense of ....
  3. Wow, it feels good to ...
  4. Plus, I'm really glad that my ... still works!
  5. And I thank God everyday that ...


Karla said...

Ooh..Shirley, this is a tough one.
1. I love it that I don't have a mustache
2. It makes me happy that I can physically work in the garden and enjoy the happy tiredness of a day well spent with the earth.
3. My hands are a great source of pleasure..I can hold my loved ones, cook for them, pet my critters, play in the dirt, I learned palmistry by staring at them for hours on much joy brought by two little parts of me.
4. I'm grateful for the senses that allow me to see, hear, smell, taste and feel the world and all it's treasures.
5. How cool is it that my body was able to produce three beautiful kids! And they don't have my legs..none of them. A blessed miracle!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I actually love my body more than I thought I did. I came up with all kinds of stuff... for example:
I love that my elbows bend, that my knees bend, that my fingers move, and that I have toes.
I love that my eyes can see, my ears can hear, my nose can smell, my skin can feel, and my tongue can taste.
I love how my body heals after a bump or a scrape, and how it heals after the flu or a cold.
I love my brain that is so sharp.
I love my ass because it makes for a soft place to sit (with). LOL.
So... I love the skin I'm in. Probably I should take better care of it!

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