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Coming Home

Sunday, April 05, 2009

You know she is getting

Homecoming. How is it for you? What are the best things about it? Do you zoom home from work eager to get back to your "nest?" Do you dilly dally along, not quite ready to jump into the fray? Is your home the rock you crawl under at the end of the day? If your home is your haven, this will be an easy sort of task... if not, it might be an interesting exercise in finding and focusing on the good.

I'll go first:

Coming home... that's what I'm doing today. I've been in Texas saying goodbye to my Dad. I don't expect to see him again in this life, so it's been a sort of amazing time. Not as hard as I expected in some ways, but harder in others.

So... now I'm on my way home and feeling a deep resistance to the leaving and kind of dread of the chaos and unfinished business I left behind.

Good things include:

  • Peace of mind with regard to my relationship with my Dad
  • A nice long drive during which I can process the experience
  • I get to drive a nice car (it's a rental)
  • My animals and pets will really appreciate having me around after having been gone for over a week.
  • Maybe I'll have some renewed energy with which to tackle my "shit" at home
  • I'll have some "distance" from the chaos and clutter, and maybe some "energy" with which to tackle some of it.
  • The grass is actually greener on my side of the fence - (Missouri vs El Paso)
  • I'm bringing art projects and ideas with me that I can actually begin working on
  • The people I left behind really missed me - and it will be good to feel the love when I get back.
  • Renewed energy and a better perspective on what I want my life to look like
  • Plenty to do, so at least I won't be bored
  • My Sim game awaits - Yea!!

OK.. so I think that's plenty of focus on the good... How about you? What's your story about coming home and the good things that surround it?


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