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Enjoying Your Work

Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok guys, I'm going to change it up a little bit. Seems to me that this month's exercise is just a bit too easy. It takes me five minutes to think of my five things, and then I'm back to the same old stuff.

With that in mind, for this week, I've come up with a way to really challenge us to come up with new and creative ways to focus on our five good things. Here's how it works:

Today, I'd like us to be thinking about all the things, people, circumstances, etc that make our work enjoyable AND to come up with stuff that begins with the following letters:

M . O . N . D . A . Y

Yes, I know that's six things instead of five - but hey, I think we can do it. So, how about it? Can you think of something enjoyable about your work that begins with the letter M? What about O?

If you work at it all day, and still haven't up with all six - that's fine! You will have focused on something positive for a whole lot longer than you might have otherwise. And, if you'd rather just come up with five or more things that make your work enjoyable, well, that's fine too.


Shirley Twofeathers said...

Ok... So...

M is for Money.
O is for Organization because when things are organized, the day flows so much more smoothly.
N is for all the Nice little dogs and sometimes the Naughty ones too.
D is for my Daughter - I love working with her.
A is for Appreciation. When I feel appreciated - it makes the work much more enjoyable.
Y is for the Yummy food that sometimes shows up - either via a kind customer, or my boss who sees food as love.

Karla said...

M is for mastery over negative thoughts
O is for Oh My Gosh my wallet is soooo full!
N is for nine out of ten doctors recommend the Prosperity Project
D is for deciding to be wealthy
A is for allowing all that wealth to come on in
Y is for YES. Yes we can go on that vacation. Yes we can go shopping. Yes I can buy that nice gift for someone.....Yes yes yes!

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