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five things you enjoy doing every day

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today, let's put our focus on fun, and the various ways we enjoy life. Can you think of five things you enjoy doing every day? I'm not talking about things you might enjoy doing, or things that you could enjoy doing - I'm talking about things that you actually DO enjoy doing every day.

Let's get started on our list right now:

  1. I love to ...
  2. Every day I do enjoy ...
  3. It's also fun to ...
  4. And then there's ....
  5. Not only that, but I thank God every day for the LOL Cats


Anonymous said...

I love to body surf in the sea 2x/day.
Every day I do enjoy my freshly ground coffee with tropical honey..
It's also fun to watch the tides
And then there's the sunrise if Im up early or up all night...
Not only that, but I thank God every day for the sun to rise...

Karla said...

1. I love to give the dogs their morning biscuits.
2. I love to share smiles with my family.
3. Oh I love that coffee and computer at 5:30 am! Viva Prosperity Project!
4. It's also fun to hang out on the back deck and watch all the ducks & geese & hawks & little birds who chase each other around.
5. Not only that but I thank God every day for the chance to try and make someone else smile.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I love what you guys are loving and doing every day! Here's what I love...

1. I love to watch my four little kittens play. Nothing is cuter than kittens.
2. I love talking to my mom. I call her every morning, we don't say much, but I feel the love.
3. I love my Sims 2, I really do.
4. I also really do enjoy watching the sunrise.
5. I love getting online and blogging.

This one was way harder than I thought it would be. It's clear to me that I need to find more love in my day to day activities. There just doesn't seem to be very much of anything right now that I enjoy.

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