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Favorite Things

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today, let's think about our favorite things. And I'm not talking about things that we like but don't have. I'm talking about favorite things that you have access to, or that you own. Plus, let's see if we can come up with things that begin with the following letters:

T . U . E . S . D . A . Y

Yes, I know that's seven things instead of five - but hey, I think we can do it. So, how about it? Can you think of a favorite thing that begins with the letter T? What about U?

If you work at it all day, and still haven't up with all seven - that's fine! You will have focused on something positive for a whole lot longer than you might have otherwise. And, if you'd rather just come up with a list of your five favorite things, well, that's fine too.


Karla said...

T is for telephone calls to my family and friends. I love to keep in touch and hear their voices!
U is for unusual animals. My pets are so WEIRD they always make me laugh and raise my spirits.
E is for excitement. Never a dull moment around here!
S is for sweetness. I have the sweetest daughters in the world..and my son a manly kinda way!
D is for diamond. Almost married a year and I was just admiring my wedding ring!
A is for amazing blessings. Every day! Oh, it could be for American Idol. I'm hooked!
Y is for yippee! Keeping that happy yippee attitude helps when times are crappy! So YIPPEE!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Ok, here goes. I had this figured out in my head, but now, 2 days later, I can't remember what I had in mind. So...

T - The Sims 2, my favorite distraction.
U - Unlimited everything on my cell phone. I love that little phone
E - Every little kitten on my lap
S - Sony, that's my computer, I dearly love my computer.
D - Da beer in da refrigerator, yeah, I know that's a stretch!
A - All the books in my bookcase.
Y - You!

That was hard. I probably would have done better to just make a list of all my favorite stuffs!

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