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Don't Settle

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Self-Made Millionaires are not smarter or better than you. They have just discovered these secrets and used them to become wealthy. You can do it too.

Here is secret #17:

GO FOR GREATNESS. Value the best and don't settle for less.

Shirley's notes on this one:

And so I'm looking around my house and noticing that I do settle for less than the best when it comes to personal comfort. On the other hand, I do have really good stuff where it "counts" and that would be.... hmmm... computer, graphics programs, magick, art... Which brought me to a small epiphany. It seems I value what I "do" more than who I am. Interesting.

But... (with me there's always that but)...

How do you NOT settle when you can't afford to buy the best? For example: Food - Organic and fresh, that's the food that's the best. But can I afford it? No. So what do I do? Eat 2 or 3 meals a week of the best food? or 2 meals a day of not the best food? And what about shoes? Do I go barefoot if I can't buy the best shoes? Not have sheets because there isn't enough money for 1500 count Egyptian cotton? How does this work in real life where the electric bill might not get paid because the phone bill was...

And maybe it's just that the Universe knows I'll settle for less. Maybe if I drew a line in the sand and said, "organic and fresh only" and "Nike's or nothing" the money would be there.

Plus, there's that added issue of making do... I could really benefit from a new pair of glasses, but I'm making do with the 10 year old pair that I have because I can get by and I can see well enough. The front steps are getting really rickety, but I'm making do because they are the only front steps I have and they are good enough for now. My towels are threadbare, and yet they still get me dry. Yes, it would be lovely and luxurious to have new and beautiful Egyptian cotton towels, and when is it sensible to buy them if I can't even afford to feed myself properly? In my world of barely getting by - settling for less often means making do with what I have. And is that the same as settling for less? Or a different animal altogether?

Perhaps I should be asking myself what would Bill Gates do if he was in my situation? What would... hmmm... I dunno... who am I trying to emulate here? Andrew Carnegie? Cornelius Vanderbilt? John D Rockefeller? Oprah? suggestions anyone?


SoulErika said...

I read this post and I am leaving a comment because I looked at this issue last week. I was only looking at getting a cheap computer for under $200 and I had never considered really buying a new great one for a much dearer price. I had wanted one but not materialised it more like a wish.
So I realised why not go for the best, one I would love to have and forget about how and limitations and just go for it , allow it in.We have had problems all year with the one I have I paid $80 for and lately its been playing up and we have been doing alot of backups and restoring work.
So I checked out the store that had one I had been eyeing off and wanting to have and realised this was not going to be available for much longer and already alot of stores had sold them out. I had seen one on special near my parents in the country recently on a visit to them and asked my Dad could he see if they still had it as I didn't like the full price tag on the one I found locally. the next thing I know he calls and says yes they have it at the special price still and it can be sent to my local store. Now this was amazing as Aldi stores are very basic service and this they don't normally do . I have said many Most Benevolent Outcomes for buying it so I would only get it if its right for me and now I have asked for an MBO for paying for it when it arrives. I am just going to trust the universe that I will be able to pay for it and that money will come.
This has been a big thing for me to do as I have had 4 computers so far that didn't cost much and they haven't lasted too long even though they have given me great service in the meantime. I do alot of work on the computer and I envision this new one will mean I can expand what I do to a higher level.
So maybe its as simple as reaching for the best and allowing it in and not being limited in your thinking of how it can happen.

P.S. How to say an MBO which you can google is "Guardian Angels, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for ......thankyou!" you write them or say them !!!!

sanehat said...

thans Erika for that comment. I agree with you. I have things that did not seem possible at the time but here they are in my home. and I know twofeathers has manifested some amazing things when she has put her mind to it also. I really like your MBO.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Thanks Erika for that great comment! It really helps to remember that things really can work out for us when we are sure of what we want - and I do think that when we vision, ask for, and hold out for the "best" - it will come sure as rain... and if we are willing to "make do" or settle for less - less is exactly what we get!

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