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Millionaires Give Advice

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Arthur Blank:
Find and follow your passions. Develop a culture and live it. Positive financial results will flow from that.

Tim Blixseth:
You are the next wave, and all of our shoes will be filled by someone. It may as well be you. Never give up trying.

Otis Booth:
Identify where you can have or can create an edge over the rest of the world doing something you enjoy. Then push that advantage to extremes.

Mark Cuban:
Everyone has the will to succeed. Only those with the will to prepare do.

Gerald Ford:
Never give up and have a positive reaction to failure.

Danny Gilbert
Be curious. And, the more you give, the more you get. It's as simple as that.

Kenneth Hendricks:
Learn the business from the ground floor up not from the top floor down.

Wayne Huizenga:
Have a passion for what you do. Work hard. Have great people with good personalities. Enjoy the ride, but balance work and family.

George Kaiser:
Identify and affiliate with creative talent. Brainstorm concepts and analyze constantly, but at the conceptual level not the spreadsheet level.

Michael Ilitch:
Ask lots of questions! And, when and if you get the chance to travel, always look for new ideas to bring home! Set your goals and never give up!

William Moncrief:
Accumulate a lot of singles and gradually get into the doubles and triples before you try for the home runs.

Phillip Ruffin:
To succeed you have to put in the hours and when you think you are there, put in more.

Jorge Perez:
Have great focus. Set high but achievable goals and work extremely hard at achieving them. Be flexible and ready to adapt to change.

James Sorenson:
Listen to yourself. Be guided by your real passions and convictions, not just by what you think might get you ahead in life.

Found at: Forbes


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