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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Self-Made Millionaires are not smarter or better than you. They have just discovered these secrets and used them to become wealthy. You can do it too.

Here is secret #20:

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Your mindset is focused on success. You will have success.

So this is what I think:

Last night I was watching season 2 of Breaking Bad, and there was one episode where Walt and Jesse were out in the middle of the desert, and (after a series of unfortunate incidents) found themselves with a dead battery, no water, no cell phones, no food, no one knew where they were, there was no way to walk for help. Whatever could go wrong had gone wrong... The situation looked hopeless. Here's a clip - watch how the energy changes when Jesse adopts the "failure is not an option" attitude.

Now, granted, this is a TV show. I get that it wasn't "real" life. However! And this is important, I think. At one point, they were both going to give up... but they didn't.

I used to write poetry and short stories - I'd send them out to 3 or 4 places... and then give up. I have a closet full of art which I've half-heartedly tried to sell with not much success. It's so not me. I love impossible tasks! I remember the day I made a retaining wall with railroad ties in the pouring down rain, knee deep in mud. I knew it was impossible - and that's why I did it! I climbed dog canyon with only sheer determination keeping my legs moving! I've walked on fire! So what's this roll over and die thing that crops up for me around money? and marketing?

In that same DVD, there was a scene where Walt's brother in law is suffering from depression and post traumatic stress. Walt goes in to talk to him and tells him he needs to get his ass out of bed and go out and kick it. I tried to find a clip or a quote ... no luck yet ... but I'm not giving up! I am, however, going to get out there and kick it!

And what about you? How many times have you been presented with a "hopeless" situation and simply given up? How many times have you preservered despite the hoplessness of it - and managed to make it through?


sanehat said...

Definetly been there done that with the failure thing. It rings so true and yet is so hard to keep in your conciousness. We let outside influences create an atmosphere of failure and we fail. When the world says that is impossible, when are family says things like not sure you can do that etc....we fail. But when we focus on our own inner voice we can win. We just have to shut our those other voices that don't have the answer just a louder volume. Go Team!!!!

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