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A $4,000.00 Day!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today we are depositing and spending $4,000! And to tell you the truth, I'm feeling a little lonely here. Am I the only one working the project? Are you guys with me on this? Does it feel playful and fun to make the deposits and write the checks? Or does it feel silly and pointless? Some feedback would be great!

This is what Abraham-Hicks has to say: "By writing the checks, using your imagination, writing the memos, focusing as you write, and feeling no resistance as you write the checks because there is no fear of overspending, you will achieve what is necessary in the achievement of anything. You will have made a statement of desire while you are in the state of nonresistance, or better said, in the state of allowing.

"So, not only will you have the benefit of an expanded imagination, but your point of attraction will shift, and your life experience will then shift as well. Not only will your financial situation improve, but all manner of things that you have focused upon with pleasure will begin to flow into your experience. "

So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to settle in now with my $100 dollar bottle of Samuel Adams Utopias Beer, and write a few more checks.


Cindy H said...

Well, I've been caught in one of those infamous time warps, but it looks like everybody else has been, too, except for Shirley! It's actually sort of scary that several days can go by at what seems like a blink of an eye!!

So I'm playing catch-up! My computer has been acting very psycho lately, so that will definitely be one of my purchases!!

Ok......half an hour later - still can't get the pretend check book stuff to print - it's a slam dunk what I need to purchase first! A new computer and a new printer!! So let's say I saved the $1,000 from the first day and put it with today's $2000 and I just bought a really cool, expensive, $3,000 desktop computer complete with LCD monitor and color printer which is also a copier, fax and scanner!!!

Shirley, Walgreen's has a new deal where they will refill your old printer cartridge while you wait - $10 for black and $15 for color! Go to to find out which stores are doing it. My color cartridge is out and I'm going to get it refilled there. A lot cheaper than buying a new one!! I know the one on Noland Road does it.

So I will try to report in tomorrow on the check writing portion of this project - I have the "what to spend the money on" down pat!!

Scruffyhippo said...

It's now £7000.00 and looking healthy, funny thing is I have got really busy with my work atm too :)

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