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Affirming Freedom

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Affirming and visioning freedom today for:

Cindy: I want to be free to travel whenever I feel like it, be gone as long as I want, and not have money be the factor that stops me.

I want to be able to tell all my friends that I am a witch and be able to get them to understand what this is (and what it is not) without a reaction of fear, revile or (worse) making them feel the need to "save" me.

I want to have the freedom to teach my granddaughter values that don't get undermined by her family, i.e. my beliefs that the police are NOT bad, dental hygiene is a GOOD thing, dressing a 2-year-old up like a hooker for Halloween IS NOT such a good thing, etc.

I want the freedom to live in a house with enough space to make me feel comfortable and a bathtub big enough to enjoy!

I want the freedom to believe there is the perfect man out there waiting for me who will love me and accept me for who I am!

I want the freedom to believe that I am GOOD enough for anything and anybody, no matter how I look, how old I am, what my income is, what my house looks like, or what my physical limitations are.

I want freedom from worrying about everything! No more worrying about money, my health, my weight, my daughter's health and school success, my son's well=being, my granddaughter's childhood, the repairs my house needs, the maintanence my car needs, the policitians screwing up the country and the world, etc.

It seems like all my "freedom" wishes are very much tied in to my other wishes of prosperity, health, etc. I guess that's not surprising.

Shirley: What I want is freedom from the thoughts, behaviors, habits, activites, fears, and ideas that limit me and hold me back.

I want freedom from problems with lack and limitation.

Freedom from debt, freedom from overdue bills, freedom from work that doesn't bring me happiness and fun. Freedom from drudgery.

I want to know that I am free to go to take a vacation and go to the beach anytime I choose, that I am free to buy small things like nutritious food and bigger things like a dryer.

But mostly I just want to FEEL and KNOW that I am free. That nothing binds me, nothing cramps my style, nothing holds me back... not even me.

Melissa: To me, freedom is FEELING free and BEING free: of debt, of overbearing people, of tiredness, and of things I dislike!

Anything that I don't want to do, I don't have to do.

Anything I want to do, I have time, energy, money, patience, knowledge, support, resources and aptitude to get it done!

Freedom means going to bed when I feel like it and sleeping as long as I need to in order to feel healthy, well and energetic.

Freedom means when I go to buy something I want, I look in my wallet and always have at least $10 more than I need.

Freedom means being able to support my loved ones and my favorite charities anytime I choose, in any way I choose.

Freedom means CHOICES and I get to make them!

Daniel and Michelle,: For whatever it is that is freeing, and joyful. For whatever they want to release. For whatever it is that means "freedom" to them.


Cindy H said...

Shirley, I see you with complete freedom of all problems, limiting factors, feelings of constraints!!
You feel completely free in every way and live your life to its utmost potential!!

Daniel, Michelle and Melissa, I see each of you enjoying every freedom you wish for in your life as you release anything unwanted in your life and fulfill all your possibilities!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hey guys!
I won't be posting until tomorrow so we have plenty of time to get in here and really vision and affirm our personal, financial, emotional, and spiritual freedoms.

My electricity was out last night, I accidentally slept in late - and when I did finally get up this morning I checked my email I found that I have a 46 cents in the bank - so I have to go deposit all my quarters, nickels, pennies and dimes so that none of my checks outstanding will bounce.

So let's affirm for me freedom to sleep in when I am tired and the freedom of an unlimited supply of money in my checking account.

Anonymous said...

I affirm for all of us complete freedom from debt - financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual - and plenty of energy to surge forth in life to pursue whatever your heart desires, with the freedom and resources to easily make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Affirming for all of us... freedom.

As free as feathers in the wind, and as capable and comfortable in that freedom as eagles ... blue birds ... butterflies.

No limits except for the ones we impose upon ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Freedom to me is the ability to think, say and do as I feel guided to do. To travel, when, where and how I want to. To support those causes and people I feel drawn to. To live my life to it's fullest creative potential. Free to be ME!!!

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