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We are free and unlimited!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Accepting and saying thank you that we are free and unlimited in every way!


Cindy H said...

I accept freedom in my life in every way! I am no longer hostage to any financial, time, or other limitations or restrictions. Any self-imposed restrictions have been vaporized and I am free to enjoy everything I want and need now!

A burden has been lifted as I feel the freedom surrounding me and my life right now and I say, "Ahhhhhhh". What a relief! Freedom is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog in the small moments of time that i have....and participating in my thoughts daily but not getting on the computer to say anything. partly because it causes me pain to walk downstairs, partly because after i have read everything and checked my mail, i am anemic by the thousands of fleas (thanks, Zeroy) that are now consuming my flesh. however...i have spiritually been participating, wishing and affirming for all of you, and myself, and thanking you and the universe. this is an awesome group. i do feel free and many ways. and i am very grateful for that. i am grateful to have this group of people to share a journey with. it's almost like church, for me, in a way. the socialization and spirituality and good faith put into this project is atounding in nature and has caused a lot of good things to come into my life. i think we often forget what an effort it takes to keep this blog up. it is all being done by one person. i believe that in the future, the experiments and activity on this blog could be helpful to many people. thank you, two really are the cause for a lot of blessing in my life. i want to send you a love offering for each project i participate in; for doing such a great job and to make it worth the work you are doing to keep it up and running. how could i do that?

Anonymous said...

I am free and unlimited in Every Way. Free to be ME. Free to live out my dreams. Free to Create all the good I can dream of. THANK YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am free... and I am unlimited. I even had a miracle happen today !!

I accept and give thanks!

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

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