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Hi Guys!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hey! It's day one of The Prosperity Game! How cool is that? So, gather up your materials (if you aren't sure what they are - or if you aren't sure what to do - take a look at yesterday's post) and make that first deposit.

Then sign in here, say "hello" and write a little something about what you hope to accomplish with the project this month. This will give us a way to track back and see if we were able to meet or even exceed your goals.

I am really feeling good about this one and I can't wait to spend my first $1,000!


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm the only one here for the last few days... where are you guys???

This is Shirley, and my goals for this months project are to be able to stay on top of all my bills and expenses, AND make some headway with regard to paying off my debt, AND be able to save up some money for christmas, the dentist, and maybe some art supplies.

Wouldn't it be nice if I got a bunch of extra money in the mail? Wouldn't it be nice if I sold some art? Wouldn't it be nice if my blogs brought in a nice little extra income? Wouldn't it be nice if my "real life" checks and deposits began to actually mimic my "prosperity game" checks? Wouldn't it be nice if Daniel, Melissa, Cindy, Michelle, and whoever else happens to join in have the greatest results ever?

I think that WOULD be nice. So I am paying attention to "now" and intending that all those nice things occur. How's that sound?

Anonymous said...

that's wonderful, Shirley! a little transference from the mastermind makes me say "i see you receiving all of that and more!"
I intend to be completely financially overwhelmed with too much money to even know what to do with it. i intend for every person i love to share with me my overwhelming amounts of fat cash. so today, i will change stinky diapers, love my loud, drooly, and perfect children and give thanks that my new medicine is working great and things are not going to be hard forever. For my first $1000 deposit, I am buying my bird, and spending the rest at petco for lots of food, bird toys, and neat stuff for my Bellah!

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