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The Universe is Ours!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Today we are depositing and spending $2,000.00 of way cool cash!

So how is everyone going to spend today's $2,000.00? Are you going to pay some bills? Are you going to get some toys? Fix up your house? Make a large payment on a new mobile home? Buy some clothes? Have a huge night out on the town? What?

I wasn't sure, so I put "cool expensive stuff" into my search bar and came up with this really nifty thing from Think Geek. I especially loved their write up about it, so I'm going to include it here.

My's full of stars...

Caution: This product is more amazing in real life than on a two dimensional website.

As you should well know here at ThinkGeek we are constantly striving to find tools for you, our loyal customers, to aid in your quest for World Domination. But we also want to encourage you to come up with schemes to conquer the entire Universe (and any parallel universes you might stumble across while conquering this one). And to properly conquer the known Universe, you'll need a a nice reliable star map. The Laser Stars Projector is not that map, but it sure does seem like one. And the second most important thing a Universe conqueror might do besides conquering Universes is seeming to conquer Universes. Keeps you buttered up for the real thing. Ok, carrying on then...

When you turn off your lights and turn this unit on - trust us - you will be bamboozled with star rapture. That's the only way we can describe it. Everybody who has seen the Laser Stars Projector in action at the ThinkGeek headquarters has at least one 'Oh My Gods, that's Frakking brilliant!' moment. (read more)

We even have a before and an after picture (both of which can be enlarged) and ... Look! It's only $189.99. I think this is just awesome! I can think of so many ways I could enjoy something like this!


Anonymous said...

Well, I am out of printer ink, and not having a lot of luck with financing a new ink cartridge or with finding time to go and get one... so I decided to do something really radical!!!

I am using REAL CHECKS! Yes. I decided to donate 2 books of REAL CHECKS to the cause. It certainly makes for the feeling of actually doing it. And has got me all excited about the stuff I am buying! One of which is this cool light show! The rest of today's money will go to Bank of America.

Thank God I know there is more coming in tomorrow. Otherwise I'd be clinging tightly to today's $2000 trying to make sure it "lasts" maybe even forever.

My life would be so much more peaceful if I really did actually believe there is "more where that came from". I think I tend to see every check as being potentially the last one I'll ever see... Interesting... and thought provoking.

Scruffyhippo said...

I to am using a real check book and writing them out and using deposit forms I made for my current check book account.

I now have £3000.00 in there :) and have been looking at the tool shops online :)

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