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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today we are depositing $32,000.00 Wow! That is a lot of money! I wish it was real.

And when I started wishing it was real, I started to get into a bit of a funk. So, that's when it occured to me that we can use quite a few of our previous projects to enhance this one.

Here are some simple things we could do:

Remember this project is a way to set your "intention"... our "attention" should be on the present moment... and if we can keep our attention on the "good" that is in the present moment... I think this could be our most powerful project ever.


Anonymous said...

well I have purchased my new, chocolate colored Nissan Quest with sunroof and chili leather interior. it has a dvd player in the front and has a monitor in both the front and back. oh yes, and i was able to find a very nice used camping trailer that fits right in! Of course, all that money is spent, but tomorrow when i deposit $64,000 in my account, i will be over halfway to owning my house free and clear. and then being able to do all the work i want to to it! i love this project. it has made me think of things i would actually do for myself instead of everybody else. ineteresting, because that is usually very hard for me to do.

Anonymous said...

ps....i loved how you posted at 11:11. i do intend to receive large amounts of money for real and the lottery is tonight and i do have two tickets....

Anonymous said...

I have fallen behind somewhat. I knew that doing a Candida Cleanse would require me to slow down while I detox... but I hadn't realized that slowing down would mean not keeping up with my ridiculous idea of having 10 active blogs! So... I'm slowed down, detoxing, and getting healthy. This is a good thing. I will write a bunch of checks tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

By the way... Michelle, I thought you bought a chocolate COVERED Nissan... LOL... I was thinking OMG all that chocolate!

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