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Monday, September 24, 2007

Today we have the delightful task of depositing $8,000.00 into our checking accounts, and then thinking of ways to spend it. here's something that's on my list:

D*light Huggable lighting: a fluffy glowing cushion
On the surface of it, it seems odd that you might want a huggable light. However, aside from it being quite a handy reading light if you lie back on it I also imagine this might be relatively comforting for those who are beginning to be worn down by the on-set of shorter, darker days. Indeed, it is suggested that it's used to help with symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. The soft fuzziness of the wispy, mohair-like cover conceals 12 LEDs that do the glowing.

Designer Diana Lin wanted to "promote playfulness and joy" with the d*light; I'll leave you to judge if it succeeds. It can glow brightly for around four hours on four AA batteries, after which it dims gradually. There's also an on/off pull-chain and it is available in gold, white or pink for $160.00 from Diana Lin Design and some retailers.


Anonymous said...

Ok now! I want one of those lights! And I'm finding it very interesting that so far, every single luxury item listed is BELOW $200.

And this is giving me an idea that luxury and opulance is a state of mind rather than a side effect of a bank account!!

Not only that, it's giving me the idea that I might actually be able to create a life of luxury and opulance in the HERE and NOW!

Scruffyhippo said...

£15,000.00..... I have never seen that much, and it's in my bank account :)

Anonymous said...

Floods, pestilence and constant warlike shrieks from my children over that dastardly 'nothing' that causes huge amounts of time to disappear into pick-up land left me no time to sit down at the computer til here i am, late. with the first check, i purchased my bird and everything i could think of that she needs. from then on i started saving. so now, i have $14,000 dollars in there. but i know tomorrow, there will be another 16,000, and then, all together, i have plans for that money. so i'll let you know what happens.
i have been focusing attention on using the phrase 'i am' in front of many things that i would like to be doing. i am practicing 'intending' for the future and focusing my 'attention' on the everyday stuff. and i know, that by the end of the day after tomorrow, i will have another huge amount of money to play with. i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I was wrong, wrong. today IS the $16,000 day. turns out i'm lucky, because when i went and looked at my perfect vehicle, it ended up being $37,000. SO tomorrow when we get $32,000 in our account....i will have my new vehicle and possible a new camper trailer!

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