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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We've just completed a marathon mastermind! It might even be the world's longest mastermind! Thirty days of visioning and affirming for each other. Now it's feedback time:

  • What changes have occured in your life during these last 30 days?
  • Are you healthier? happier? do you have more money? a deeper spiritual connection? feeling more connected with the people in your life? feeling a sense of greater freedom?
  • Is it too soon to know what the effects of this mastermind will be?
  • When you look at the above picture, and the X that marks the spot... are you visiting? gawking? buying? selling? evaluating? dreaming? enjoying? what?
  • What was your favorite part of this particular project?
  • Your least favorite?
  • Have you had any insights or experiences that you would like to share?
  • Would you recommend the mastermind process to others?


Anonymous said...

I have had some big changes occur in my life over the last 30 days. I have made some decisions that will have far reaching effects in terms of how I "do" life.

I do not have more money in the bank, however I have been able to pay 2 years of back taxes on my land, and I also caught up on some overdue bills. Not only that, I became a lender at Kiva - which feels really good.

I don't know about a "deeper spiritual connection" but I have been doing a "daily practice" of self hypnosis which I think is having a good effect in that area.

Healthwise, I am feeling a little better physically - was able to cut my heartburn meds in half, and if I forget to take it, I don't die. Also, I have begun to do Chi Gong (my spelling of it might suck) - I found 3 DVD's that I had and actually put them into my DVD player and watched them.

Surprisingly, while watching them I actually got up and started DOING the exercises. My body about went into shock! LOL.

I do think that the group mastermind we had at Daniel's was extremely powerful, and it was my favorite part of this project. I also believe that it is too soon to judge the effect of this project since we only just completed it yesterday.

As for the picture, I think I am looking to buy... in the evaluation process... The dream is mine, I'm just figuring out what I want that dream to look like in real life so I can claim it.

Yes, I would recommend mastermind as a prosperity tool! Wholeheartedly and without reservation.

There... I think I've blabbered on long enough.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this. I was lost somewhere, not sure where but it feels like I am back. I agree with Shirley the most powerful experience was the get together at my place. I could really feel the energy and just knew that things were barreling down the highway of life towards me. I feel much more centered and focused. I feel like I am reclaiming not only myself, but my life and the goals I truely want for me. I think the mastermind experience has helped clarify this for me.

Cindy H said...

Hi everybody! Sorry I missed the Mastermind meeting - I know it was great!

I have made some life-changing decisions and changes in my life this month, too! None have come to fruition, but I feel like this month I was finally able to get up off my butt and actually start putting some plans into action!!

Normally, I would be quite apprehensive about feeling positive about the future, but I have a little more confidence in my upcoming good because of this month's project, as well as this project in general.

I am happier and I feel a LOT healthier! I don't have more money, in fact, interestingly, I have not received a single weekly disability check during this entire 30 days of our project! I am supposed to be receiving a check every week from the disability insurance company but they have messed up my transition from short term to long term coverage and I have not received a check in about 6 weeks. The problem has been with my doctor's office as well as the insurance company and I know it will all work out and then I will get a really nice, big check, but it's been sort of hard in the meantime. But I can honestly say it wasn't as hard as I would have imagined it to be. And I'm still here, well fed, with a roof over my head and surrounded by loved ones! I also feel a sense of freedom that I didn't before. I think the desire of freedom sort of "freed me up" to start making the phone calls I needed to make and making the hard decisions I needed to make.

I think maybe we can all see some short term results from this month's project, but I just KNOW that we will ALL see huge long-term results!!!

As for the picture - that is MY HOUSE!! I own it free and clear!!I am simply in that particular place on my land taking a picture of my house, after which I am going to walk over to my pool, put my camera down in the shade and jump into the pool! Then I'm going to go inside my big beautiful house and enjoy it!

My favorite part of the project was stating my dreams and desires, writing them down and knowing several other people were visioning them with me.

My least favorite part was that I missed the get-together!!

It was interesting that basically all of us really wanted the same core things in life - with a few slight changes and a difference in the details - everybody desired to love and be loved, be healthy, happy, and free and have all of our basic needs met, as well as some "gravy" to go with it, i.e. really, really nice cars, houses, etc. To me it just shows that people really are all one and the same, with the same basic needs and desires, hopes and dreams.

Yes, I would absolutely recommend this process to others! It is very fun and very powerful! It makes a person think about what they want out of life and how they can achieve it.

And I think it is important to note that this ongoing prosperity project has brought about HUGE changes in me, my beliefs, and my self-identity and I am very thankful for Shirley and to all of the other participants. Thank you!! Let's try to have another get-together soon!!

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