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Replenish and Nourish Your Life

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

“To get more energy, you need to remove what’s draining you and replenish it with nourishment from food, natural light, love, supplements, and community."
~Frank Lipman

I found the above quote, in an article in the archives of the Chicago Tribune. The article goes on to list several common energy drains, and gives suggestions for possible solutions. Instead of uploading the whole thing, I thought I'd break it up into a series of posts over the next few days.

In the mean time, I thought it would be interesting and helpful to put some attention on how we nourish ourselves. What is nourishing to your soul? your spirit? your mind? your heart? your body? Who are the people, where are the places that lift you up?

For me, being outside with my feet on the earth, the wind in my hair, the sun on my skin... wow! I wonder why I don't spend more time doing just that? As soon as I get this post finished, I'm going outside without a to do list! That'll be my prosperity project task for the day.

And here is something else. This morning I cleared out my inbox and came across a comment I had made in a note to someone more than a year ago. It seems appropriate to this post, so here it is:

Life is meant to be lived in the flesh and in action... not in cyberspace and thought alone. We need to connect in a real way with what lives around us... we need to go outside and smell the air, touch the trees, visit the birds with our eyes and our ears.


Karla said...

Here is a list of the things that energize and nourish my spirit and make me WANT to go forth and be productive:

1. A nice walk
2. My kids/family
3. Playing with the animals
4. A good chanelling session
5. Friends with good energy
6. Chai Latte
7. The beach
8. Watching animals in nature
9. Music
10. Laughing. Alot!

My intent for the day is to incorporate any or ALL of these things in my routine, knowing that they bring value and energy to me, which raises my vibration, which bounces off of others and also attracts good stuff to me! Woo hoo! How hard is that? I drive by the beach..I profit. I read the funnies...I profit. I chat with the kids...great things happen in my day!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I love your list, Karla... Especially the last one. It's been a really long time since I laughed until I cried - and I used to do that alot!

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