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Take off those shoes!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

ENERGY DRAIN: Your shoes.The human body is built to move. The more you move it, the more energy it generates. While high heels might look nice, they can also discourage walking around the office, taking a energizing outdoor stroll or walking up the stairs. Even moderate exercise [30 minutes three times a week of brisk walking] has been shown to increase the number and efficiency of mitochondria to produce energy. Exercise is like plugging into the grid—it creates energy (as long as you don’t overdo it.)

ENERGY BOOST: Take your shoes off and jump up and down for three minutes. Feel that surge of energy? If you can’t part with stilettos, keep a comfortable pair of shoes at your desk. Cole Haan has cute shoes that use Nike technology, and Aerosoles (which can be found at Marshalls) are comfortable and inexpensive. Geox offers “breathable” dress and casual footwear for men, women and kids. Look for shoes with rounded toes rather than pointy. The more material on the sides (surrounding the foot) the better.


Cindy said...

The whole idea of exercising to get more energy is just such an odd concept, even though I know it's true. It's just SO DIFFICULT to get up the initial energy to go do something!!! When I can convince myself to get up off my ass and do something active, I always feel better afterwards. More energy, better sleep....but it's just so hard to get going. I'm going to try to push myself a little harder this month to see if that helps my energy drains slower. As for the shoes, I have never been a big admirer of stilettos or really any height of high heels. My entire life I have gone for comfort over style. I think women who wear shoes that they can barely walk in look rather silly. I guess guys like the look, but I'm just not that into the pain involved.

Karla said...

I loved the shoe. Ha ha ha! Crazy! It's true! I have one pair of brown work shoes that are have a little heel and are just a wee bit uncomfortable by about noon. It affects my whole day, my attitude and my energy. I even plan where I will shop and eat etc. because of the shoes, "Well, if I stop to buy milk at that market, it's a longer walk...." How lame is that? I will from this day forth vow to search for a proper pair of shoes and ceremoniously trash or donate any and all that mess around with my energy level! Amen!

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