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Well, how's it going so far?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here's how things are going for me: I have spent the last 2 days actually ADDING to the energy drains in my life and then compounding the situation by taking on even more, and then berating myself which isn't helpful.

What I HAVE succeeded in doing is spending a lot of time talking about my energy drains, thinking about them, planning for the mythical time in the future when I'm going to actually, maybe do something about them, and pretty much staying focused on the big unresolvable issues and ignoring the smaller easily dealt with ones.

What I HAVE succeeded in doing is saying yes to something I didn't really want (contact lenses) because I didn't want to hurt someones feelings (when will I ever learn?), saying yes because they said they would pay for it (thus making me indebted to them), saying yes because I didn't realize that what I really wanted to say was no until it was too late (I'm at home trying to take the damn things out), saying yes because I was thinking more about their comfort than mine (so typical). And the result of that yes is yet another energy drain... a potentially (but not necessarily) endless one ... so instead of making progress, I'm actually sliding deeper into the mire of stuff that wears me out just to think about it.

That being said, I have actually made an effort. Here is the list of things I HAVE actually done during the course of this project:

  1. Rearranged the litter boxes so that they are easier to clean and stay cleaner longer because there are more of them. I also consolidated the litter box cleaning stuff, and have made sure that I have plenty of extra litter on hand. Not only that, but I have been cleaning them twice a day. So, KUDOS to me!

  2. I am taking an extra change of clothes to work so that when the bathing is done, I can change into something dry and clean. This is really nice because I don't have to spend the entire day wet and dirty.

  3. I called the vet and priced euthanasia for my elderly, arthritic, incontinent, senile border collie, Jesse. It's a baby step, but a step nonetheless.

  4. I went through over 960 emails in my inbox, and am now able to keep up with it daily so that it doesn't feel overwhelming to check my mail.

  5. I went grocery shopping and now have actual food in the refrigerator.

So, that's my story, now what's yours? Did you spend any time today doing something, however small, to plug an energy drain in your life? What about yesterday? If the answer is yes, that's awesome! If the answer is no, my next question would be: Why not?


Karla said...

This week I DID tackle the yard and garden and even asked for AND RECEIVED help from the family in doing it.
I started in on my speech I have back burnered to death.
I walked away from a demanding, bossy person who was ruining my day and making my blood pressure skyrocket. I'm still mad about it, which is an energy waste, so I need to work on that a bit more.

Here is the lesson that really sank in for me this week. All in all it's been so busy since the grandbaby was born that I've learned that some situations naturally PROPEL your energy forward. Just like some drag you back. Great love, excitement and concern have pushed me to drive back and forth to hospital, try and help with food and laundry duties for my daughter and her new little family...I think love is the opposite of an energy drain. Just ask her!! She has to feed the wee one every couple hours and there is very little sleep to be had in a why is she able to push herself to expend all this effort? How can she smile so beautifully through the weariness and pain? It's love. Plug those energy holes up with a good dose of someone you care about and see what happens!

Cindy H said...

First off I say kudos big-time to Shirley! It sounds like you have actually done a LOT more than you have given yourself credit for! You are so much like my girl Shari, unable to say no, more worried about the other person's feelings than your own. Congrats to you for all the things that you DID accomplish this week! And let me know if you want me to talk to Jesse about things, I would love to if that would help you. If that won't help you, or makes more work for you, then please tell me NO!!!

Congrats to Karla for the new grandbaby and the new insights, too!!

One trick I have found that works so great is when my house is just disgustingly dirty and a mess, I invite someone to come over, especially someone who hasn't seen my new place before. I give myself a few days lead-time, and I have the impetus to get everything cleaned! My sister wanted to come by and see the place about a month ago (she hadn't seen it before), and I only had 2 days notice, so I told her NO, don't come, that day wouldn't work for me!

My dear friend Melissa came up Sunday to see the house and it looked marvelous! Now I'm trying to trick myself into keeping it clean, using the drain techniques we are learning this month! So far so good...but it's only been 3 days so far!!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi Cindy - that's a great idea - inviting people over so that you'll get the house clean. Also really GOOD to be able to say "no" when there won't be enough time!

As for Jesse, I might take you up on your offer, I'm just not sure yet. I've been talking about talking to him for weeks now, and I don't know why I'm putting it off. I also got a pendulum recently and it seems to be right on with answers to yes and no questions, and I've been talking about using it as well.

And Karla - you are so right about plugging those energy drains with love!! Wow!! What a great thought -I should that into a post!

I am so glad you guys are sharing your observations and insights! It really gives me a lift to read your comments!!

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