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Friday, September 17, 2010

Self-Made Millionaires are not smarter or better than you. They have just discovered these secrets and used them to become wealthy. You can do it too.

Secret #2:

The more specific you are the more likely you are to get there.

My thoughts on this one:

This makes so much sense, and on the surface it seems easy to do. But when push comes to shove, it's not that simple. Our lives are not straightforward vision boards or well thought out nicely worded essays. This isn't the movies or a novel. Real life is messy and busy, we have more than our fair share of distractions and disappointments.

For me, keeping a clear picture of where I'm headed is kind of like... well... Sometimes I think it's like trying to keep your hands clean when you live in a swamp with 10 children and there's nothing but mud everywhere. Other times it's like trying to make sure your hair doesn't get out of place while riding in a convertable with the top down, going 80 miles an hour. It's so easy for that clear picture to get warped and torn...

So what's the answer? Anyone have any ideas? Let's see if we can get a good list going of all the different ways there are to create and maintain a clear picture of where we want to go.


sanehat said...

Speaking for myself I think I need to first some how shake my fear of the future before I can picture where I want to be. The future feels perilous and scary in its uncertainty. Plus it feels like it has been so long since I have given thought to MY own Life, that not sure how to go about it anymore. How to seperate my own wants and needs from We.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Well said Daniel. Remember that project we did on God First? I found so much comfort when we were working that project -maybe there's something there that might help some with the fear thing. As for the me vs the we... I dunno ... that's a hard one given your situation.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

As for ideas for how to keep a clear picture these are what come to mind:

1 - a vision board
2 - one of those hypnosis videos in the side bar, I think it's the "positive thinking," one might be useful for a daily boost.
3 - talk about it alot
4 - make a blog about it and journal your journey.

That's what I can think of, anyone else have something to add?

Karla said...

I think any new habit has to be practiced. And some are tougher than others. I think it's a brain/ego thing to muddy the swamp with pictures of the stuff that's happening rather than the stuff we want. Like the ego wants sympathy, "Poor, poor me...the house is a mess, the yard needs cleaned, I have bills, bills, bills. Pity me!" We don't do it on purpose, it just happens! I have a friend that will actually say out loud, "Nope! I'm making the correction!" to reign in her wandering, unproductive thoughts and focus on seeing the path she wants to create. What's cool is that she will do it for me, too! I may start whining or rationalizing and she will say, "WHOA! WHOA! Make the correction! We didn't mean that!!"
She's done it so long it's second nature and is done with such love and humor that it's really a great kindness. We need to learn to habitually redirect the brain to the good stuff if that's what we want our experience to be about.

Daniel, when you start to picture the future as perilous, what if you had in your toolbox a replacement picture? Something beautiful or even hysterically funny that you could bring out and substitute the bad for good. A flash card? Either mental or physical? Maybe immediately popping that into your mind and appreciating the beauty or laughing at yourself to break that instant of fear or doubt? Like an "I'm not gonna go there, dammit!" picture?

See Shirley, I took your advice and am talking about it alot! Ha ha ha! No shutting me up now! Look what you've done! I think it's working! I haven't had any dark and negative thoughts for several minutes now! Ha ha ha!

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