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Beggar Stories

Friday, February 04, 2011

While researching this project, I found an intriguing website called The Beggar Stories. It's definitely worth a look-see, I did enjoy some of the stories. I don't know if it's still an active blog or not. Here's what they have to say about their site:
TheBeggarStories is a compilation of the collaborative minds of different people who are helping beggars all over the world. Through sharing experiences and thoughts, this blog aims to enlighten us on the beauty of reaching out to less fortunate people. If you have a story to tell, a painting or just an idea then share it with us. you may email your work at
I don't have any interesting, entertaining, or heartwarming beggar stories to share, so I did a google search and came up with the following stories:

Which brings me the question of what would I do if beggars were as plentiful here in rural Missouri as they are in say... India for example. Would I do as some of these people did? Give out blankets, shoes, food, money, etc? I dunno! I do know that I was impressed by the universal kindness of strangers, and how powerful that is.

What about you? Any stories to share? Do these stories inspire you to be generous? Do they bring to mind any insights and truths about poverty and need? How are these stories even remotely relevant to your own life and circumstances?

Self Realization is the post from the Praying For Prosperity project - for those of you who are following that one as well.


Karla said...

As I read the stories, the thing that I appreciate most is that my circumstances allow me to be touched and saddened by the conditions that these PEOPLE must deal with and the humility they must face to beg to survive. If I lived in another part of the world, would I become hardened to this suffering and what it means to beg? Am I starting to be like that anyway, when I see an apparently healthy person holding a cardboard sign and sipping a Starbucks? The whole story of the individual must be heard and understood and not judged from afar.

When this project started I wondered if begging would help my circumstances. Now I affirm that I will not beg, but will continue to prosper so I might help those who find they cannot. I choose to be a giver in this life. Perhaps I can just beg for the opportunity to do so abundantly and with great joy and gusto!

Cindy H said...

Karla, that sounds great! I like it!!

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