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Our Next Project

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've been collecting information for our next project - "Doing The Work with Byron Katie," and if we actually do "the work," I think it'll be a good one! I'm hoping that you guys will join me for 30 days of exploring our beliefs about money, health, love, life, and whatever else shows up.

Because there is such a wealth of information, it's taking me a little bit of time to get things organized. My plan is for us to start doing "The Work" bright and early Saturday Morning (Feb 19th). In the mean time, I might be posting incidental and background information as a lead up to the actual start date of the project.

As a teaser, here's an exerpt from a letter I found on the Byron Katie Website:

In the last month there are so many challenges on my path: I “lost” a lot of money because of the credit crisis. It is about ¾ of the money I had, so there is almost no money left. When I replace the concept money with the concept love, and when I do the turnarounds on all the concepts I have about “loosing money," I feel very creative, alive, strong and free.

Also with my health: Again the doctors probably found some cancer cells in my breast. And when I heard it first I started to cry, but then, that same evening, did The Work, and I experienced a complete other person: loving, strong, caring. Without the cancer story I feel so grateful. Life goes on. Also, at the hospital when they did an examination that same afternoon, I could bear it as I did The Work on “this is my body." Turning that around I came to “this is not my body," and wow is that true!? It is none of my business, certainly not when the doctor is doing the examination-- I could concentrate and relax with no more stories about terrible treatments.

Thanks to this Work, I can deal with all of these challenges. I can trust that what I need now is what I have...


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