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Running on sugar!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am 5 days into a dietary detox and coming down off sugar and coffee has been really difficult - actually excruciating is a better word for it. In the midst of my own personal drama, we are - as a group - depositing ever increasing sums of money into our envisioned checking accounts. If my brain is still functioning correctly, yesterday we deposited $256,000.00 and today our deposit jumps to $512,000.00. Pretty soon we are going to be looking to invest some of our money in worthy projects.

Here is a product that I would definitely be investing in, because it's something I can certainly relate to given my current circumstances. It's a prototype of a battery that runs entirely on sugar! How cool is that?

Here's the article

by Jorge

Next time that someone asks you if you have some sugar, they may actually need it for something else other than their coffee addiction. They could be using it to power their walkman. Sony, the Japanese electronics maker announced that they have developed an experimental ‘biobattery’ powered by carbohydrates, or as it is most deliciously known, sugar.

The battery presented by SONY showed the highest output ever by a battery of this kind at a very respectable 50mW of power, or about enough to power a portable MP3 player. The Bio Battery is a type of battery that uses energy sources such as carbohydrates, amino acids and other sources of enzymes and it is based on the work of Professor Kenji Kano from Kyoto University. It is still a bit big, with a length, height and depth of 39mm all around and it does take about a minute to get started. Still, the way that it works is simply nothing short of amazing.

Simply add sugar to the battery and voila, instant power. You don’t even have to mix it. So, is sugar the future for battery powered devices? It sure would be nice to if this could be the case.

~The rest of this article can be found at Inhabitat.
A really cool little website with all kinds of interesting articles and nifty stuff.


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