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Harnessing Five Elemental Powers

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Chant performs its magic in our consciousness by harnessing five elemental powers:

  1. Anchoring: As memories become associated with different chants or melodies, they are released in a flood of feeling and energy whenever we sing or hear those same chants.

  2. Entrainment: The repetitive nature of chant facilitates the entraining of our body and psyche to its rhythms and mood.

  3. Breath: Chanting alters the way we breathe and thus the full range of mind/body functioning that is linked to breath.

  4. Sonic Effects: The particular tonal and vibrational characteristics of chant have a direct impact on our body and energy.

  5. Intent: While chant certainly affects us even without our conscious participation, chant has its greatest impact when we engage the power of our own desires and will.


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