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Ya Allaho

Friday, May 28, 2010

I found this chant on forum at Linda Goodman. I don't usually post what I find on a forum, and yet, the results people said they had did seem promising. So here it is. I'm curious to see if anyone tries it or not. The forum conversation went like this:

nev: Hi everyone, I went to this website and it showed me an easy way to make money just by chants. It said to just say these words when u are free:

YAA ALLAHO. Try and see the results

Christinaeavynwarner: How do you pronouce that word? And does it work?

nev: Well, I guess u have to pronounce the words as it is.
When I started chanting it, I got a grant of $1670 from my college, a week later. But I am not sure if it really works. But it is worth a try.

Randall: Interesting.

26taurus: I got some strange looks as I was chanting this today...

est_1984_leo: Weird. As soon as I chanted that yesterday, I got a job interview and I believe I start on Monday!

Nev: Great ...congrats man!

Nev: Hey can chant that in your mind (i guess) that no one will think that u r some weirdo.

26taurus: That's cool nev. I get those looks anyway though. People already think I'm a weirdo (and I am), nothing I can do about that.

Actually I think you are supposed to say them outloud. My mother knew some guy who gave her some chants like this years ago, and you really must speak them out loud if I remember correctly. There is power in the spoken word. Thoughts too, but the spoken word is a little different and gives more energy I think. It's all about the "vibration" of the specific words from their sound I believe.

laglady: i'm curious about the pronunciation too.. is it yaa aa-laa-ho i'm pronouncing the a's like in la-dee-da.

nev: I think it is yaa-a-laa-ho

laglady: gotcha. I did chant it a bit yesterday, my 3 year old got a kick out of it and joined in

Christinaeavynwarner: I read in another thread that this might be Islamic Wicca...I have a friend who was an Islamic Wicca, and she said that it came with a bunch of rules and regulations and horrible punishments. Is there a bad side effect to this chant? Anywho, thanks for it! It's great fun to say, and I'll start getting my lil sisters to chant it...

ruman: For the pronounciation, it is YAA-AL-LAA-HO.

As for this being of Islamic "Wicca". It is just a chant that 100% muslims will chant after each prayer. All you need is faith to make any chant work, not just this one. And there are chants for just about everything in Islam that will either mean their God's name or their Prophet's name.

There are no regulations or horrible puishments, just be careful that you do not chant at places that are not clean( toilets for eg) and with a pure heart. the only rule I have ever known is "keep the chant in your mind and your aim in your heart". You need to speak them out loud but so much that only you can hear them.

marcia: Wow, thanks ruman

Christinaeavynwarner: Thanks Ruman. That's wonderful. I'm off to chant it now. Giggles...

ruman: My posts seem to be vanishing of late!!!

I wrote here that the pronounciation is YAA-AL-LAA-HO.

This is the first name af muslim god and the most beneficial one too! there are no horrible punishments except if you disgrace it and do not recite it at place that are not "pure" (for eg toilets). Do not write it and throw it or step on it.It is just like you would not disgrace any scriptures.

It should be recited loud enough only for you to hear it.

tuxedo meow: noone is really explaining the pronunciation! I have been chanting this today but do not know if the pronunciation is correct-I am saying it yah ah la ho-is that right?

sameesadiq: Yaa Al-lah Hoo.

tuxedo meow: Well, i use several ways to attract money, all of which give me some. When I use this chant I have "found" so far from $3.25 to $100! i usually find "change" but since using this chant I find more paper money-more often.

Gooober: i found twenty dollars today..for the 1st time in my life i found money!!! all for this chant..saying God's name! love n peace

1962Taurus: I did a search for YA_ALLA_HO This might help out some


nickn said...

Place 3 candles surrounded by sugar on a plate at the highest point in your home.
Light the candles and ask for 3 wishes to the 3 guardian angels St. Rafael, St. Michael and St. Gabriel.
(wish 1: wish for business), (wish 2: wish for love), and (wish 3: 1 impossible wish).
publish this spell on the 3rd day after you requested your 3 wishes and see what happens on the 4th day.

kevin said...

nickn, are you sure about this? i need details pls drop me an e-mail moneysigil(at)

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