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A Hawaiian Prosperity Chant

Friday, May 14, 2010

If this is the first time you have ever chanted a Hawaiian song, you may want to start with the vowels. In Hawaiian, here's how each vowel sounds:

A = ah (as in "ha, ha")
E = eh (as in "check")
I = ee (as in "team")
O = oh (as in "home")
U = oo (as in "who")

Even when vowels are doubled up, such as in the Hawaiian, "oo" it is still, "oh-oh," and not "oo." (We're told the vowels are the same as they are in Spanish.)

So, to start, you may want to chant the vowels, as each beginning chanting student does. Stand up, take a deep breath, and chant "aaaaaaaaaaa" for the entire breath, and then continue with each of the vowels. Repeat. Continue for five minutes.

Notice the feelings inside as you chant. What's happening in there? Pay attention to other parts of your body. How are they affected? Each vowel activates a different part of your neurology, so notice what's going on as you chant.

Now, let's move on to learning the Hawaiian prosperity chant. After you know the vowels, the whole word is easy. This chant is called E Laka E.

First, read the English, so you have an idea of the purpose and meaning of the chant.

Oh goddess Laka
0 wildwood bouquet, 0 Laka
0 Laka, queen of the voice
0 Laka, giver of gifts
0 Laka, giver of bounty
0 Laka, giver of all things
I greet you with love.

And this is the chant in Hawaiian:

E Laka e
Pupu we'uwe'u, e Laka e
E Laka i ka leo
E Laka i ka loa'a
E Laka i ka wai wai
E Laka i na mea a pau
Ano ai ke aloha e

To listen to it, you can either download the MP3 (see below) or visit the web page at Mystical Hawaii and hear to it there:

Or, better yet, here's a video:


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